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Day Four of Synovate Lockout: Workers Stay Strong


Thirty workers from Synovate's Highland Park call centre have been locked out since Friday for simply demanding a 50 cent an hour pay rise and secure hours. The British multinational has told the workers if they want to return to work they must either accept a tiny pay increase or quit the union.

This week there will be a number of actions to support the workers.


10 am Tuesday 13th April (tomorrow). Flying picket outside Synovate's clients in central Auckland, including banks and the Ministry of Social Development. Meet 10am outside Unite House 300 Queen Street.

Thursday April 16th Fundraising video screening of classic union film Matewan 8pm, Tom Fordes Bar, 22 Anzac Avenue, Central Auckland. Organised by Socialist Aotearoa. All proceeds given to workers[More info]


Tuesday 13th April. Picket outside the Ministry of Social Development, one of Synovate's big clients. Bowen Street, Wellington.

Melbourne, Australia

Picket Medibank Private. 1pm Tuesday April 14 outside 459 Collins Street Melbourne.

Details for Unite's bank accounts for donations to workers


Re: Day Four of Synovate Lockout: Workers Stay Strong

Lockouts need to be smashed.
As the recession deepens more and more employers will feel free to escalate any dispute with their employees by locking them out.

Facing this form of escalation, unionists are obligated to escalate the dispute as well.

As the Progressive lockout showed, the only way lockouts can be defeated is with wide solidarity actions from the rest of the union movement.

Much to the shock horror and surprise of employers groups, through the use of solidarity actions, the determined anti-union campaign by Progressive Enterprises, was defeated.

This example must become the standard practice in any escalation to a lockout by any employer, from now on.

Synovate, a shitty employer, in a notoriously low wage industry, needs to be slapped down, as a warning to all employers, that there will be consequences for you, if you decide to escalate a dispute with your employees by going to this
next level of intimidation.

I would like to challenge Helen Kelly as the head of the CTU to issue a call for as many unionists and supporters as possible for a rally outside this workplace in support of these locked out trade unionists.

Australian workers have also shown the way to defeat lockouts. Every lockout by an Australian employer is always met with massive solidarity
action. We need to follow their example.

Re: Day Four of Synovate Lockout: Workers Stay Strong

Hi, can you please tell us what companies use these call centre services so that I can boycott their products? Thanks.

Re: Day Four of Synovate Lockout: Workers Stay Strong

Of workers internationalism with a deep and organic understanding of the present conditions there is a website in New York City at This website is in the HQ of world capitalism and Imperialism. Next to wall street so to speak and has much present knowledge of the worlds scene not reported in the bosses media. They also appreciate e-mails from workers on strike etc.