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NZ military building paint bombed - Navy to sink itself?


"In the early hours this morning [20th March 2009], we paint bombed a NZ military building on Great North road Auckland. This action was taken to mark the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Since the beginning of the US assault on Iraq, 1 million civilians have died. This was a small action to commemorate and stand in solidarity with those who have resisted and suffered at the hands of imperialism across the globe. The splatters of red paint on the windows symbolise a tear drop in the ocean of blood that has been shed during the war." [ More ]

Meanwhile, New Zealand Navy chief Rear Admiral David Ledson thinks that "[i]n the near waters, the most significant security threat relates to the ocean itself". He was asked by the United States Naval Institute to identify the most significant maritime security threat facing his nation. "I have found it a challenge to get my head around providing a useful answer."

He reckoned the navy needs to fill in "knowledge gaps” by carrying out scientific research, something not usually requiring ships with armour, expensive firepower and defence systems." [ More ]