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Major Mobilisation This Saturday Against Israel's Invasion of Gaza


Global Peace and Justice Auckland (GPJA) and the Palestine Human Rights Campaign are planning a major mobilisation to protest the latest Israeli outrages against Palestinians living in the Gaza strip.

The protest will gather at 12 noon, Aotea Square, Auckland on Saturday 10th January.

This week Israel launched a vicious ground invasion of Gaza. At least 520 Palestinians have been killed since the start of last week.

A meeting is happening tonight 6pm at the Unite Union offices 6A Western Springs Road, Auckland to plan for the mobilisation and a wider campaign to boycott Israel.

Links: Palestine Human Rights Campaign | GPJA | NZ Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign


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The quakers in Otautahi (Christchurch) have organised a silent vigil for Palestine on Friday, 12 noon, Cathedral Square.
More likely from chch soon,
and resistance to the racist, genocidal actions of the israeli state,

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The truth is that, as long as Israel is protected by the superpower's umbrella it remains deaf to all humanitarian pleas. In truth, thanks to the unconditional support of the US, Israel is the sole country on earth that is a law unto itself. It ignores the Fourth Geneva Convention, which disallows collective punishment and demands an occupying power must provide for the people it occupies, with impunity. It maintains a massive nuclear arsenal under a globally-recognised policy of nuclear ambiguity specific to Israel. In answer to those who dare to criticise it hides behind disingenuous shrieks of anti-Semitism.

I just cannot comprehend an impoverished, hungry population whose only weapons are stones and homemade rockets, are being heartlessly massacred by the fourth most powerful army on earth. I thought we pride ourselves as having evolved beyond the cruel level of survival of the fittest. I am honestly embarrassed to be a member of the human race

The solution is very simple than what you’d imagine. If Israel is genuinely wants peace, then it could says to the Palestinians, here is your lands back, and let us leave peacefully in our lands too – it’s that simple to achieve peace, it’s incredibly what is needed for peace. Israel has brushed aside all the fair peace-resolutions which have been presented to it, the last one was by the French President.

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy when he visited Israel on June 22-24. He really hits Israel where it hurts.

He spoke as an intimate friend - certainly Israel's best friend in Europe - but he did not mince his words, both on his arrival and in the Knesset.
"The time to make peace is now," he told the Israelis. "Tomorrow, it will be too late." Rarely has a foreign leader spelled out so clearly what Israel has to do for peace - and what it has sought at all costs to avoid.
Sarkozy laid particular emphasis on three points, which he hammered in at every opportunity. The first, and most important, was this: "Israel's security will not be truly assured until we see, at last, at its side an independent, modern, democratic and viable Palestinian state."
Two other themes were given equal prominence - and were equally unwelcome to many Israelis. "There can be no peace without an immediate and complete halt to settlements," he declared. The settlers, he said, should be compensated and brought back to Israel. And then - in a statement which was nothing less than sacrilege for Israeli hard-liners - he added: "There can be no peace without recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of two states and the guarantee of free access to the holy places for all religions."
In his reply to Sarkozy, Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was quick to say that "We don't always agree on every issue, on every detail, see things exactly the same way".

At a visit to Israel Condoleezza Rice dared to say that "continued settlement activity has the potential to harm the peace talks." The chairman of the settlement council called her remarks "impertinent and shameless". "Israel he has been spat in the face and the government treats it as rain drops".

The benefits of peace for Israel would be enormous. Normal relations with all 22 members of the Arab League; an end to the armed resistance of Hezbollah and Hamas; a new chapter in relations with Iran.


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What's next in Wellington ?

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Why has been inacessible since Thursday??

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Why has been inacessible since Thursday??

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Why has been inacessible since Thursday??

Sarkozy is nobodys friend

Sarkozy made a deal to sell an advanced nuclear reactor to Libya of the type that can be used for making plutonium.