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One Week Before the NZ Election: Resist Low Pay and the Repression of Immigrants


Update: The Immigration Bill demo is now on Saturday midday at Cuba Mall

This Saturday Saturday November 1st. 2pm Aotea Square, Queen Street, Central Auckland. March against low pay. In recent months, low paid people have taken strike action in casinos, banks, fastfood outlets, supermarkets and on the busses. Low pay is crippling a generation of workers who are now expected to bear the brunt of a vicious global recession. Join the rally for a decent minimum wage- $15ph NOW! [More]

Meanwhile in Wellington there will be a rally against the repressive Immigration Amenmdment bill, supported by both Labour and National. The Bill Bill would allow for arbitrary and indefinite detention. While in keeping with our history of Dawn Raids and the detention of Ahmed Zaoui, this is an atrocity, condemned by the Human Rights Commission and others. More

The bill has not yet passed. In advance of the elections, time to make sure Labour & co know what we think of it.

WELLINGTON 12pm, Saturday 1 November

Cuba Mall


Re: One Week Before the NZ Election: Resist Low Pay and the Repr

Amendment: Immigration Bill demo to be held on Cuba Mall, Saturday 1st November.