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International Indigenous Solidarity Gathering Underway on Wurundjeri land


Over the past three days an International indigenous solidarity gathering has been underway in Melbourne, Australia. The gathering has featured speakers from Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.

This Gathering is taking place on Wurundjeri land. We give our respects to the Wurundjeri elders, past and present.

The Gathering aims to build bridges connecting our struggles, and strengthen solidarity, friendship and collaborations between indigenous and non-indigenous grassroots organisations throughout various regions of the world, especially where multinational corporations and military interventions severely impact on indigenous lands and poor and exclude people and communities. [more]

Photos from the gathering available here | Video from gathering


International Indigenous Gathering

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International Indigenous Gathering


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Video : Barbara Shaw, resident of Mt Nancy Town Camp in Alice Springs, a prescribed area under the federal intervention into NT Aboriginal communities.

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Thanks for letting us know about the broken link. Have fixed it now.

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This statement was read at the hui on Saturday

Greetings and Acknowledgement to the traditional owners of this land.

Today Te Ata Tino Toa stands in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples gathered here at this hui we recognise the world wide crackdown on Indigenous dissent around the world and express our solidarity and aroha with our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Colombia at this time.

Demonstrators participating in the National Mobilisation of Indigenous and Popular Resistance, convened by indigenous organisations, blocked the Pan American highway, the main north-south artery in Colombia, a branch of which communicates the country with Ecuador. To clear the road, the army and police went in with helicopters and armoured vehicles, and opened fire with live ammunition.

We also remember our brothers and sisters in Bolivia who are alsostruggling. Where Indigenous peoples were killed by right wing the face of the serious incidents of violence that have occurred inBolivia, especially in the departments of Pando, Beni, Tarija andSanta Cruz, We, as an indigenous movement, offer our solidarity and support to the Bolivian people as a whole, and especially to indigenous organisations

We have echoes of this here in the south pacific pushed on us by the white settler colonies of Australia and New Zealand. We remember the
Northern Territory Intervention and our relatives that were impacted there and remember the raids that happened in our own land this time last year here in Aotearoa.

Aotearoa /New Zealand, Maori sovereignty campaigners, environmental, peace and social justice activists, were targeted in military-style
raids under the post-9/11 Terrorism Suppression Act, and are being painted in the media as terrorists. Police raided homes, confiscated
possessions and imprisoned at least seventeen activists in a military-style operation and targeted the Tuhoe Village of Ruatoki.

our struggles are connected so is our solidarity

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Hi I am working to preserve kalash as this conference was held in Australia i want to say thanks to Australian people that apart from playing cricket with Pakistan some people are also helping to preserve kalash people and are provding first aid and Basic hygeine thanks