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Halloween Critical Mass, Otautahi


Friday 31st October is the last friday of the month meaning that it is Halloween Critical Mass time! Calling all zombies, ghosts, ghouls…
Critical Mass is both a global movement and a local event. On the last friday of every month cyclists in cities across the world take to the streets to celebrate cycling.

Evey participant has different reasons for joining in: a love of cycling, fun, meeting other cyclists, a critique of car culture, networking, making people smile, opening debate on environmental issues and use of city space, fun…these are some of my reasons.

This month is a costumed ride…"The Night of the Cycling Dead!". So be creative, and see you there…

Cathedral Square, Otautahi, 5.30pm, Friday October 31st


Re: Halloween Critical Mass, Otautahi

anyone got any good recipes for fake blood?