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Support Waihopai Ploughshares, 17-18 September 2008


On 30 April, Christian activists Sam, Peter and Adi deflated the protective dome covering a satellite dish at the Waihopai spy base near Blenheim. This Christian non-violent direct action was to protest against NZ's involvement in America's war in Iraq. On the 18th of September, they will be in court for their depositions hearing where they will enter a plea in relation to the two criminal charges they are facing.

This week there will be a number of events to support the Ploughshares activists in Auckland, Wellington and Blenheim. [More]

Links: April 30th Report on Ploughshares Action |Nicky Hager on Waihopai | Download Jeff Simmond's Song: LET'S SHUT DOWN WAIHOPAI!


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