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Auckland Philippines Solidarity launch and photo exhibition 'Social Realities in the Philippines', September 20


Auckland Philippines Solidarity Network invites you to:


An exhibition of photos taken by Simon Oosterman during a 2008 solidarity visit to the Philippines.

This event will mark the launch of Auckland Philippines Solidarity. APS has been founded to campaign around human rights (Stop the Killings campaign) and trade union rights (with a local focus on Nestle and ANZ) in the Philippines, and also to establish a systematic and wide-reaching solidarity fund in New Zealand. APS will also be working closely with Migrante Aotearoa to build support networks for new migrants who are being forced to work in extra-exploitative conditions in New Zealand.

Short presentations by Luke Coxon (APS spokesperson), Jane Kelsey, and Dennis Maga (Migrante Aotearoa) will be preceded by drinks and food at 4.30pm.

Saturday September 20, 4.30pm, Langtons, Maungawhau Summit, Mt Eden, Auckland.

The APS launch will be preceded by a Migrante Aotearoa ‘Speak Out’ forum for migrant workers. [More]