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Dispatches from Day 7 - Operation 8 Depositions Hearing


The police have been harassing defendants since the beginning of the depositiosn hearing. In the previous week the police have followed defendants into the toilets and making comments, and kicking the backs of defendants’ seats. But today the harassment was taken up another notch.

I was sitting in court, trying to keep awake when a supporter came up and whispered something I didn’t catch. But it was clear something had happened.

Before I got outside I heard one of the women who had come to support the defendants on the megaphone, talking about how a pakeha man had twice punched one of the wahine there, but she had been arrested. [More]


Re: Dispatches from Day 7 - Operation 8 Depositions Hearing

it sounds all so unreal. short-tempered judge, bully police... kia kaha

aroha from Moncton, New Brunswick