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Operation 8 defendant and partner arrested outside court


Update: Watene McClutchie was granted bail!

Operation 8 defendant Watene McClutchie was arrested by police outside Auckland Distrcit Court and his partner was assaulted by police. Watene was standing outside the coffee shop immediately across the street from court when a plain clothes officer came up behind him and grabbed him. His partner went over to support Watene. The officer said "You're under arrest for scratching that car (Pascoe's)"* People sitting around were saying "He didn't touch it".

When Watene was in the custody of two officers, a third insisted on arresting him. He pushed Watene's partner out of the way, threatening to arrest her. The police officer pulled her away, punching her in the face. She was then arrested.

*Detective Sergeant Aaron Pascoe is the officer in charge of Operation Eight.

Update: 3pm, Police are seeking to deny bail and a bail hearing is scheduled for 3.30pm | Dispatches from Day 7


Re: Operation 8 defendant and partner arrested outside court

you realise you in comptempt of court by naming one of you're own defendants you dumbarse..or would you preer that in maori?