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Iranian socialist: "Capitalism is causing these wars"


Sorab Taleth, a leading activist in the Iranian Workers Left Unity current and a prominent figure in the British-based Hands off the People of Iran (HOPI) campaign, was recently interviewed by Philip Ferguson of the Workers Party. The interview is featured in the September issue of the Workers Party paper, The Spark. Taleth speaks about the vicious repression of opposition activists and workers by Iran's brutal right-wing theocratic regime as well as the threat posed by US imperialism to the Iranian people. [Full text of interview]


Re: Iranian socialist: "Capitalism is causing these wars"

Great interview. Sums up the situation there very well.

Re: Iranian socialist: "Capitalism is causing these wars"

Hi Phil,
Good interview. Its far too easy to forget that Iran's capitalist theocracy is a firmly established link in the chain of international capitalism.
I would argue that the US occupation of Iraq has been highly succesful. Most of the aims of the US have been achieved. Following from that I would suggest that a US move against Iran, possibly precipitated by some new crime of the right wing Iranian regime is a real possibility.