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Dispatches from Day 1 - Operation 8 Depositions Hearing


The court room we were assigned to had four rows of seats with six seats on each side. Theoretically forty eight people could fit in the court. But the third row of seats had restricted tape across them, as if it had been the scene of the crime, and signs say ‘No Seating’. We gradually sat down, leaving the mysterious third row behind. But then the moustached security guard, who is clearly a regular for Operation 8, came over. He explained that the judge had said that the first two rows were reserved for defendents, and the judge had ordered one row be kept clear. So the public were limited to the last row, and the police were already taking up half of that row, which left six seats for everyone who had come up. [More]


Police officer scumbag in charge of Operation 8

Pictured here is Detective Sargent Aaron Pascoe of the Auckland Special Investigation Group (SIG), responsible for Operation 8. The SIG is responsible for ‘national security and monitoring of radical groups’. This is what a scumbag looks like.

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This is plain dull! is far more important!