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Mt Vic Community Resigned to Privatization of Crossways


This week the Mt Victoria Community held a public meeting to consider their options, in the wake of the sale of the their community building by St Andrews on the Terrace Presbyterian Church. Danyl Strype went along to check out their response to the privatization of their treasured social space.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil"
Timothy 6:10, King James Bible

Some bad news for the supporters of the Mt Victoria icon known as Crossways. Local residents, organized under the umbrella of a charitable entity called the Crossways Community Trust have worked for over a year to save the community centre. Despite their best efforts, Prebyterian church St Andrews on the Terrace, have now sold the building to a property developer, claiming they need the cash for earthquake strengthening of their church. The buyer, Sheryl Gulliver, intends to renovate the building and sell it as a private home. It is a tragic irony that this social space that has hosted a number of meetings critical of privatization, and neoliberalism in general, has now itself been privatized. [More]


Re: Mt Vic Community Resigned to Privatization of Crossways

Should be careful here portraying the Crossways Community Trust as merely victims of privatisation ideology without a wider politics of their own. They have also been haevily involved in quashing attempts by the Innermost Garden Collective to establish a refugee and migrant women's permaculture garden at a nearby disused bowling club.
Community can just as easily be the locus of conservative and reactionary politics, as it can progressive politics (maybe especially so in the case of Crossways being in Mount Vic). We should be careful in venerating 'community' unthinkingly and overlooking those elements to it we would prefer to find in 'business' or the 'state.'

Re: Mt Vic Community Resigned to Privatization of Crossways

Agreed on taking care when venerating community. eg. check out plans of the Trust for purchase of Crossways. Huge increases in community creche rent, downstairs only available as education precinct, renting upstairs flat as business office, and running upstairs meeting room as high tech market-rates meeting space. Only community space available would have been upstairs meeting room when not needed for commerical use.

Re: Mt Vic Community Resigned to Privatization of Crossways

time to get tough on crime