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Workers Across Auckland Fight Huge Rats


In the past week there have been a number of strikes and union drives in Auckland. Yesterday ANZ and National Bank staff picketed at 3 major sites across Auckland. This is after stop work meetings where the majority of members voted to reject the 4% pay rise offer and hold a strike. After weeks of negotiations between Finsec and ANZ National the workers had decided enough is enough and nothing less than a 5% pay rise is a fair deal. [ANZ National- stop horsin' around! Bank workers strike in Central Auckland.]

Today workers at Sky City casino in Central Auckland held a strike calling for a 5% pay increase. According to an indymedia contributor present at the strike: 'Central Auckland lies in ruins today after a fifty foot high, flesh eating mutant rat representing SkyCity Casino management devoured a picket line of striking workers, before scaling the tower and going on a Cloverfield style rampage throughout the CBD. Or maybe not ;)'. [Sky City Strike Photo Essay]

This Thursday Socialist Aotearoa is holding forum at the University of Auckland on the recent strikes and union drives at Auckland's cinemas, Sky city casino, banks, call centres and language schools. [More]