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Papuan tribal chief to sue mining giant Freeport


A tribal chief in Indonesian occupied West Papua launched a legal campaign on August 11 to get compensation from the US mining giant Freeport for environmental damage to his homelands.

Fabianus P., chief of the Kapiraya tribe, said tailings from Freeport's huge gold and copper mine in Indonesia's easternmost Papua province were causing more widespread ecological damage than was known, the PNG Post Courier cited the Indonesian Antara news agency in an August 13 report.

"He said several rivers in his tribe's Kaimana district had been polluted, killing wildlife and poisoning water sources for local people. Mine waste was also fouling parts of the Etna Gulf coastline. [More]

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Re: Papuan tribal chief to sue mining giant Freeport

This guy is buying into the system. By following the legal avenue, he is locking his people into capitalist superstructure.
He might as well just join the ACT party.
What the papuan people should do, is to follow the lead of NZ anarchists by rejecting the system, refusing to vote, refusing the dole and eating out of garbage cans.

Re: Papuan tribal chief to sue mining giant Freeport

Hahaha that is some hilarious stuff!