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Slavery 2.0 - Migrant work in Aotearoa


"Kiribati people are their own failures, they weren't motivated. I couldn't get them to work," was the comment made to the Otago Daily Times by Garry Maxwell-Smith, the Marlborough contractor who crammed 22 people into a three bedroom apartment.

The Department of Labour was reportedly investigating Garry Maxwell-Smith and his company Fore-Vintage Contracting, for treating migrant workers like so much garbage. To top it all off, 60 or so Kiribati workers have been sent home penniless after the promised work has run out.

With the Pacific Forum in Niue next week, alarm bells should be ringing as Australia and New Zealand tighten their grip over the Pacific labour markets and plan to set up more schemes to tap into a vast pool of Pacific labour, which through seasonal work schemes can be mobilised and then dumped back into the labour pool with the ease of turning on a tap. Just 100% pure minimum wage labour. 100% New Zealand.

The future of the Pacific seems to be looking grim with these relevations, which come hot on the heels of leaked details of Australia attempting to bully Pacific nations into a free trade agreement which will no doubt "lead to rising inequality, losses in government revenue, job losses, a reduction in the quality and supply of essential services and the closing off of policy space that governments use to stimulate development."

Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua


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How is it slavery if the P.I's choose to go? Australia and NZ aren't responsible for P.I underdevelopment. This isn't slavery, it's valuable employment opportunities for people who have no other options - or would it not be slavery if each worker was getting 100k a year? This is incomprehensible logic

Re: Slavery 2.0 - Migrant work in Aotearoa

PNG exercises caution over Australia's worker scheme

Re: Slavery 2.0 - Migrant work in Aotearoa

NZ & OZ are responsible for PI underdevelopment.
At the end of the slave trade the continum of slavery "indentured workers" was used for poor whites to move from Europe to the colonies. Similarly used for Indians to work in Fiji. But in strict racial heirachy, Indians were always intended to be returned.
So too in Oz (Qld Sugar Cane specificaly) a 3-5yr trade in labour was set up for indentured labour from the islands to qld and then returned. Thius was systemic in some islands and became a right of passage for men. The money and tools aquired then allowing them to return and marry, build a house and farm crops. There was out right slavery at times and corruption/collusion of chiefs etc.
The anti-slave trade movement stoped it from England at the same time European immigration for the new seattler society in qld was being set up as a permanent colony, again upon racial heirachical lines.
This change of economic system devestated the islands who were reliant on it for prosperity, and they never recovered.
This will be the end game for this new generation of Blackbirded agri-workers or rather indentured workers or was that slaves.