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Auckland Talk: Western Sahara's struggle for freedom


Update 14th August: Greens on Campus will be holding an informal discussion with Mohamed tomorrow (Friday 15th August)at 11am in Cultural Space at the University of Auckland.

GPJA August Forum this MONDAY

Hear Mohamed Yeslem Beissat from the Polisario Front talk about the struggle of the Saharawi people of Western Sahara for self determination and freedom from Moroccan occupation.

MONDAY 18th August, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn.

New Zealand has a strong connection with Western Sahara because we import phosphate mined by Moroccan-based corporations in Western Sahara in defiance of United Nations protocols. New Zealand's Illegal Trade in North Africa

Mohamed Yeslem Beissat from Western Sahara will speak about the struggle of his people for self-determination. Beissat is in the POLISARIO Front, Minister delegated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Charge for Africa. Beissat lives in the refugee camps of south-west Algiers where the Saharawi have built a government-in-exile and lead the fight for their land against Moroccan occupation. Beissat is in Auckland for a few days ahead of the Pacific Forum.

Recently Vanuatu and the Saharawi Republic established diplomatic relations at Ambassadorial level. [More]

Links: Australia Western Sahara Association | 2004 Polisario press release on solidarity in NZ


Re: Auckland Talk: Western Sahara's struggle for freedom

I wonder what kind of alternative to the Moroccan phosphate there is on the market.