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Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semitism


Community leader Christopher Dempsey has taken a stand against anti-semitism.

Eden Albert Community Board Chairman Christopher Dempsey has hit out at Uncensored magazine's plans to hold a symposium at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall on Anzac weekend.

Dempsey, who is a member of the left-wing City Vision coalition, called Uncensored's plans to take over the War Memorial Hall 'an outrage'. Like many Aucklanders, Dempsey has been upset by articles in recent issues of Uncensored which deny the Holocaust and allege the existence of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

The December-March issue of Uncensored featured articles by American neo-Nazis like Christopher Bollyn, and the new issue features a series of anti-semitic articles, including a piece by American bigot Jeff Rense which claims that Auschwitz was a hospital that the Nazis built to help the Jewish people. In a statement in the new issue, Uncensored editor Jonathan Eisen claims that the Jewish banking family the Rothschilds were responsible for starting World War Two.

Martin Doutre, one of the keynote speakers at Uncensored's conference, is an outspoken admirer of the neo-Nazi historian David Irving and a long time member of the anti-Maori One New Zealand Foundation. During a debate at the Scoop Review of Books last year, Doutre claimed that the Holocaust never happened, and said that white people created all the cultural treasures that are commonly attributed to Maori.

Talking to the New Zealand Herald's Thursday supplement The Aucklander, Dempsey said that he had 'Jewish relatives and relatives who died fighting Germany', and said that he was 'appalled' at the prospect of Holocaust deniers using a community building designed to commemorate the Second World War.

The Eden Albert Community Board has backed Dempsey up by asking the Auckland City Council to review the permission it gave Uncensored to use the hall.



Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

Can someone in their own words please explain what a 'Neo Nazi' is.

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

"""Can someone in their own words please explain what a 'Neo Nazi' is."""

it is no one,, it is a label to put on people who start figuring out what "jews" are really up to.
a "nazi" is not a bad person if your brain has not been stolen by the jewbox.

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Why is DK still allowed to post here? He was banned years ago for his never ending anti-semetic, violent, (hetero)sexist and homophobic bile. His posts are obvious - please get rid of them..

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

That's interesting because I believe the number of Jews killed in the holocaust to be greatly exaggerated.
So in the eyes of some people that make's me a Neo Nazi.
But shouldn't a Neo Nazi really be someone who would like to see a world without Jews.
Just because someone questions the extent of the holocaust, it doesn't mean they are pissed off that enough Jews were not killed.

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Just because you "believe" something (however strongly) doesn't make it true. Things either happened or they didn't - that's the way history works. There are simply no historians ever to call the basic facts of the Holocaust into question. Not a single paper has been published in a single peer-reviewed historic journal in support of your belief.

The Holocaust-"revisionist" crowd is a bit like creationists: they use kooky reasoning and ignore any evidence that does not fit in with their world-view. Do yourself a favour and check out some critiques of the Holocaust denial propaganda you've been reading.

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

Here we go again! Little racists coming out of the woodwork again! They can't keep their dirty fingers off IndyMedia to abuse people they hate! Go and suck your own d...

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

"First anonymous", you got your answer from "second anonymous" (and to a lesser extent perhaps, from "third anonymous")

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Check the European Census Figures out for the period in question. Surprise surprise

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From the Washington Post:.. "Israeli Soldier Says Military Rabbis Framed Gaza Mission as Religious"... "The military rabbinate brought many magazines and articles with a very clear message: 'We are the Jewish people, a miracle brought us to the land of Israel, God returned us to the land, and now we have to struggle so as to get rid of the gentiles who disturb us from conquering the holy land.' KILL THE GENTILES WAS THE ORDER!

Re: Re: Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's ant

What is a Zionist???

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

What's a peer review historic journal?, Also what is a historian ?

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

What is truth?

Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's anti-semiti

What's a Neo Nazi?
What's a Zionist?
What's a Peer reviewed Historian?
What's a Historian?
What is Truth?

Read publications like Uncensored and Nexus, put it into the mix with all the stuff you've been brainwashed with at school, then make up your own minds.
Then beware of the people who have a huge investment, against what you believe in.

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Q: What is sanity?
A: Something not found here!

Re: Re: Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's ant

Anti-Semites? It does not get much more Anti-Semite than what these Ashken-Nazi immigrants to Palestine are doing to the real Semites.

Check out the Jewish Encyclopedia and the European Census figures for the period when all of this Gas Chamber Stuff was doing the rounds.

If these people really did lose 6 million then they are the only religion that emerged from the war with a massive net gain in the recorded census figures for the period.

A miracle of the Lord that surely beats JC,s miracle with the loaves and fishes. Because if one loses 6 million from a population of 9.7 that leaves 3.7m. Every single man woman and child must have given birth to 2 children each to come out of the war with a greater population than went in.

What a shock to find in this great flood of Holocaust novels from the late 1950,s onwards most of the photographs were originally printed in British Newspapers and showed the Sappers bulldozing up heaps of matchstick men and the caption was most clear, they died of Typhus and Starvation. And so may I add did a lot of honest German People. Bomber Harris was a cold blooded murderer.

Churchill also produced his monumental work: History of the Second World War. There is no mention of Gas Chambers, Lamp Shades made of Skin, or soap made from Jewish body fat.

The Jews and the rest of us have been suckered by one of the most monumental frauds in history. Even the Jews themselves are saying so. We are treated to a little lunatic nuclear armed nation threatening to nuke Iran and Iran did not call for Israel to be wiped off the map. Yet these Israeli liars with their control of the MSM keep on doing a Goebbels on us all. Well they think we are stupid anyway.

But we can all see what the Satanic Talmud has to say about killing and robbing the rest of us. Israel has many courageous Jewish Groups who are opposing this Zionist entity we would do better to forget this anti semite nonsense and join them in their humanitarian efforts.

My Mother was Anglo Saxon and her forebears came from the Northern Plains of Germany. Be sure that when I was stationed there I took a good look at Belsen and I took a good look at the German Peoples.

It is time to stop this great Zionist blood libel against Germany. From Germany has come some of the Wests finest physicians,composers, poets and scientists and yet we see this Zionist entity lying all over the land like a great big fat engorged leech and this 60 years after WW2.

Here we all are hostage to a bunch of Bankers with their Usury economics. When Hitler assumed power in Germany he did so at a time when the Nation was hungry and bankrupt. Judea declared war against Germany economically and the Fatherland responded with a new currency.

You youngsters really need to see what he did. Germany rose from the ashes like a great Phoenix. Their science and technology was second to none and far ahead of the Americans and the British that is why we retooled British factories with the stolen German Technology because it was better than ours. The Americans were stealing the Rocket Technology and shipping the German Scientists to America.

I want to also remind you of what is currently happening in Canada because they are a little ahead of us.RELATED URLS TO CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION COMPLAINT (FILE NO: 20071016) AGAINST RADICALPRESS.COM BY HARRY ABRAMS & B’NAI BRITH CANADA

All of that nonsense started just like it is progressing in NZ with the anti semite stuff until it has grown into a great people gobbling machine. Wake up!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensored's

Sieg Heil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Uncensor

Yes seig heil you! Your lies for your Zionist Satanic monsters are all out there to be read by us all. Well little man/woman answer the post. Refute my truth.

Your response shows what You are. Check the Census figures out, but no that would reveal the game eh!

The seig heil is happening in Palestine. As Gilad Atzmon said at least the other tyrants of the world had the sense to do their genocidal murder out of sight. But the Jews are doing it in Broad daylight in Gaza. They are annexing East Jerusalem and stealing land and terrorizing the Palestinians.

Learn to read History and understand why Churchill never mentioned any Jewish holocaust.

Thats the problem with all of you Rothschild shills, lie upon lie and no attempt at any honest debate, its all anti semite, nazi, jew hater and all of these other puerile school play ground taunts.

Nasty, really nasty pieces of work. Consumed by everything that these monsters accuse everyone of.

Did everyone see the pictures of these Israeli Thugs using Palestinian children as human shields? There are lots of those images all over the net but I cant find one where the Palestinians use jewish kids as shields.But if one is to believe these Israeli Thugs its the Palestinians that do that, or you another one that pushes the Most Moral Army in the world?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns Unce

Funny that, the Nazis' own estimate (Wannsee protocols) suggest there were 11 million Jews in the occupied territories. Himmler's speech at Posen states the intention to eliminate 60% of that figure (or 6.6 million). Why are there no historians that have challenged the authenticity of these documents (or for that matter, the Goebbels diaries)?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Eden Albert Board chairman condemns

Yes it is all proof of "selective thinking", "selective belief" and "selective interpretation" that all you Holocaust deniers like to adher to! You argue just for arguments sake, you put together theories and agendas that suit your prejudicial and racist thinking. I am highly critical of what the IDF and the Israeli governments have done to the people of GAZA, in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and so, but that does not justify "counter-racism"! Half the Jews in the world do not live in Israel, and in the US and many countries they are generally left alone these days, except many Arab and muslim countries!!! So get your ideas straight!