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Greg O’Conner Blog Award


We all know how news corporations love giving themselves awards, so we thought we would help them a little with their ego problems with the Greg O'Conner Blog Award.

A quick fire survey was carried out this morning on the amount of police and court related news items found in the top 20 latest news reports of 6 of the main stream media papers and websites in order to determine which corporation should receive the award.

The overall winner this morning was TV1 News with a whopping 60% of their top 20 national news items featuring news and propaganda direct from police spin central.

Out of the 6 polled mainstream media corporations, the Waikato times suffered the least from state policing propaganda with a measily 25% of their news items coming straight from police spin central.

Waikato Times - 25%
NZ Herald - 30%
Dom Post - 35%
RadioNZ - 35%
TV3 News - 45%
TV1 - 60%

So we are proud to announce that the award for assuming the role as the unofficial blog for Police Association Greg O'Conner goes to Television New Zealands TV1 News.

Congradulations for lacking any integrity.

Shamus McGraw
Hillbilly Moonshiners Against Greg O'Conner


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Re: Greg O’Conner Blog Award

Bloody brilliant analysis. If you listened last Sunday to RadioNZ's MediaWatch show, you might have heard a bit about a meeting between the media, cops and judiciary. The meeting was ostensibly held in order that each understood each other's perspective with regard to things like name suppression, and freedom of speech. The outcome of the meeting was predictably cordial - all agreed to uphold the status quo in not questioning anything. The media agreed it would not question the police or judiciary on their systematic racism and targeting of the poor, and in turn, the police and judiciary agreed to fail to protect the rights of people to a fair trial.

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Well you can't expect the Establishment to chop away at its own foundations of privilege, bigotry and self-selection, can you?

Re: Greg O’Conner Blog Award

haha classic

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Mr O'cooner is pushing himself as a future ACT or nat candidate.he is the bisggest bore there is but a dangerous one.Anyone knows any personnal story about him?that could make him interesting
Let's Ignore Him AWARD will be much better

Re: Greg O’Conner Blog Award

Yup I like your analysis and agree with it. I know what you mean in vague terms by 'police spin central', I would like to know more. What exactly do you mean by this? How dose the media create police news stories? And how was the 'quick fire survey' conducted.

Basically I like what your saying but i am skeptical and ignorant and would like to know about your sources so i can convince those more skeptical than me of police media, spin and control.

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Hidee previous anonymous,
It all came about one night after a long session of sippin whiskey, whistlin an appalacian melody and banjo playin at the ranch when Shamus had what AA alcoholicists often refer to as a 'moment of clarifyin'.

Shamus said why dont weez do upa a surveyin for that them there flatlanders down off the coast of Florida ways in a country called Nu Zealind.

Bein that we live here in Appalicia in all we thought it pertnant ta use the interweb to do the countin' rather than get the nuuzpaper delivered all tway here.

It twant that easy to do that them countin fur me havin only 4 fingers in all and Shamus being higher than a Georgia pine...for him to have his concentrations, and half way through the juice cut out in the lightbulbs, and the big green screen went dead, and we pert near gaven up when hot dickety we poured the shine inta the generator and had lights and computa again.

Anyways the power cut woke up young Trinny McGraw who had been to the big bad city and learnt the edumaction bout computas. She made her up something she called an Al Gorythm ta do the countin automadicly. Shamus thought it be some terrorist name like Al Gore or Al Cader but that was jis the moonshine talkin in all.

Tennyways she pushed that there the big key and the printer started a printin and Shamus howled like a banshee when the reezults came out.

Shifty 4 fingers) McGraw
Hillbilly Moonshiners Against Greg O'Connerism

Re: Greg O’Conner Blog Award

There's great photos floating around of Greg smoking joints back in the day. Complete with stylee 1980s moustache.

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Haha nice one Shifty...

Re: Greg O’Conner Blog Award

Thats the one, dont let them coppers know who or where your source is to these allegations.