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Call for immediate free GP visits for all


Alliance Party Health Spokesperson Tom Dowie says it is disgusting that ordinary New Zealanders are not going to see their GPs due to lack of money.

"In any civilized society, and a wealthy society like New Zealand, everyone should be able to see their doctor and the best way to do this is make it free through taxpayer funding," says Mr Dowie.
Mr Dowie agrees with comments from Dr Jonathan Fox from the Royal College of General Practitioners, that economising on healthcare is a bad idea because conditions often got more serious if left unchecked.
It is false economy to not fully fund access to GPs, says Mr Dowie.
"The costs once someone ends up in hospital will always be far greater than the cost of a GPs visit."
Mr Dowie is disgusted that people have to plead poverty in order to possibly get help from a miniscule health board fund which covers treatment for people who really need it.
"How demeaning can you get. The public pay their taxes so that those in their society receive the care they need, when they need it. Not so people have to resort to begging for care."
The Alliance Party will introduce a dedicated 1% Health Tax that would be ringfenced for healthcare and not dragged into the consolidated fund to be blown on overseas investments like the failing Super Fund.


For more information contact Alliance Party health spokesperson Tom Dowie on 0212036078