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Govt lifts ban on Live export


Govt lifts ban on Live exports

This government is showing that they do not care for the enviroment ,workers and now animals.Despite only 26% of people being in favour of live exports and the majority of New zealanders being against this practice .There (hopefully!)should be protests at parliament about this before they resume the trade in June .SAFE have something on their website regarding this ,please contact the minister for agriculture and politely express your disgust at this
Tv 3 have a poll 86% against


Re: Govt lifts ban on Live export

can the editors please move this to local news,cheers

Re: Govt lifts ban on Live export

I went to hear Dr Balluch speak ,it was inspiring and interesting ,they took their protest (legally) directly to the politicians to make them listen .Thats what we need here ,though given that the AR "movement" here is full of hot air I can only hope

Re: Govt lifts ban on Live export

they cant commit themselves long term to a campaign the poor beagles

Safe is too safe!

It's nice to see others think the same way as me about Safe. I concur that Safe doesn't campaign for animal rights much since it doesn't want to upset middleclass/mainstream NZ too much. If it did then it would speak up against dog/horse racing and biofuels but on these issues not a peep!?

Re: Safe is too safe!

Yeah, I agree. They love animals, clearly just not THAT much. It's not like they are really being honest about how f**king awful some individuals and companies are to animals, if they were, like you say, they'd be taken more of a direct approach, you know, given that animals feel the same pain and fear we do. But ahh, who gives a toss about them, they can't speak.