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Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest


The Auckland Tamils wanted to show their disagreement with the statement that the Singhalese people of Auckland put forward through their protest held opposite Botany Town Centre on Sunday 22nd March 2009. Most of the Tamils who wanted to express their disagreement are affected by the Sri Lankan government’s actions.

They have recently lost family and therefore were deeply hurt and concerned by the statements that the Singhalese people wanted to spread in Auckland. It is very disturbing that the Singhalese community are promoting and supporting the continuing war while the UN, Unicef as well as other international organizations have called upon the Sri Lankan government for immediate ceasefire as thousands of Tamil civilians are suffering in the war zone without any shelter or humanitarian aid. Tamils are trying everything in their power to save their people who are trapped in the war zone.

Tamils put forward the following statements:

Tamils demand immediate ceasefire to introduce peace in our homeland
The humanitarian crisis needs to be addressed immediately; Food and medication need to reach the Tamils in the war zone as soon as possible
The Tamil right for self-determination needs to be recognized
LTTE are the sole representatives of the Tamil people

The Singhalese population’s message to the New Zealand public was exactly the opposite:

· War should continue

· Ceasefire is not an option

· LTTE are terrorists

· No media or humanitarian aid should enter the war zone

The Tamils put across their message in a peaceful manner by driving around Auckland including Botany in cars displaying the Tamil Eelam flag and printed slogans. They complied with the New Zealand law, which includes the freedom to express their views.

A Tamil mother with her infant child in her car was attacked. A Singhalese participant of the protest ripped the flag out of her hands and hit her with the flagpole. The Tamil mother immediately stepped out of her car to retrieve her Tamil national flag. At which point a police officer approached her and advised to return to her car for her own safety. She followed the police officer’s instructions, however without retrieving the flag.

In the recent past every peaceful vigil that has been held by the Tamil community in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, the Singhalese community intervened to spread their own propaganda via fliers that promote war that is killing hundreds of innocent Tamil civilians every day. They intimidate the Tamil attendees by taking photos and verbally abusing them. Many people in our community are concerned that they will use these photographs to identify them and trace their families back home. This is nothing new. Abductions and kidnappings of Tamils in Sri Lanka has been the norm for decades such as the kidnapping of the Tamil reporter Mr Vithyatharan.

Even yesterday’s vigil was interrupted by several vehicles showcasing the Sri Lankan flag and anti LTTE banners. The police were informed. Tamils respect other people’s rights to express their opinion so nobody interfered in the Sinhalese vehicle rally yesterday. The same was expected from them today. The Tamil community were disappointed by their aggressive behavior.

Memebers of the community hoped such behaviour will not occur in the future and their freedom of expression is respected.


Re: Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest

Both sides are a bunch of race obsessed retards with inherited 'injustices', what a waste of lives in the bigger scheme of things.

Re: Re: Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest

the protests planned by the LTTE supporters this weekend (after the LTTE have been defeated) just goes to show how hypocritcal the tamils in NZ are. THey dont want to save their people. They are just upset that their meal ticket just got cancelled. Instead of working together to help tamils in srilanka, they moan and bitch about how they are suffereing from genocide. Yes there is a genocide in srilanka, its the systematic irradication of evil.
and you crackers who though that tamil fuckers in botany were on a peaceful drive are dreaming. Zbut then , you guys are potheads anyway, what would you know.
This shall be an archive of misguided, ignorant cracker hypocracy.
Later losers!

Re: Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest

The Tamils shouldn't be supporting the LTTE, one of the sickest violent organisations in existence.

"The LTTE are the sole representatives of the Tamils", because the LTTE have killed and threatened with death the leaders of every other organisation. Especially those waging peace.

The LTTE are extremely racist and violent (towards civilians and Sinhalese) - hosting this is equivalent to Indymedia hosting a pro-KKK article. Just as awful.

Re: Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest

With your articulate, well thought through counter-arguments, you've persuasively convinced me to support the LTTE. Go Tigers Go!

Re: Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest

wtf bitch?? u fucking terrorist... where the fuck were u all when ltte bombed colombo and killed 100 of innocent people..i guess it doesnt matter cuz most of them were singhalese right.. you people fucking celebrate when ltte attacks our when your so called leader is cornered, your cry in pain and ask for aid.. fuckin losers... dont worry... ltte will be no more in a few days... kiss your so called homeland gud bye bitch...

Re: Tamils Attacked During Auckland Protest

Ahh nirupa, it was good to see you on tv the other day.
Even with your paymasters' demise, i see you are still fighting for the cause. Keep it up. Shame you aren't using all that time, effort and resources to help the tamil people who actually live in sri lanka. Had your paymasters actually done something with the billions of ill gotten dollars you diaspora tamils sent back to Sri Lanka, you would think that during the years vast tracts of Sri Lanka were under LTTE control there would be something to show for it. But no, killinochchi pre-liberation by the GOSL looked worse than even the villages of the singaloid modabandas you so hate. Prabhakran and the rest of the leadership group lived off the money you sent while the common man lived in poverty.
long live Prabhakaran.