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Tamils Voice Concern in Auckland


The Tamil community in Auckland gathered at the city centre on Saturday March 21st to voice its demand for Tamil self determination in Sri Lanka.
Hundreds of Tamils gathered for the afternoon protest which included a ‘March for Freedom’.

The aim of the protest was to highlight the suffering of the Tamil people- including the lack of water, food and basic medical necessities. Another point of concern was the use of concentration camps to stop Tamils from leaving by the Sri Lankan Army.

The request of the protest was that the occupying Sri Lankan military forces should be withdrawn from the Tamils areas; immediate humanitarian aid should reach the people in Vanni area and to recognise the Tamils' right for self-determination and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as the sole representatives of the Tamils.
The start of the protest was initially disturbed by the Singhalese community in Auckland staging a car parade in front of the Tamil protest. This did nothing to deter the crowds but rather further fuelled the passion of the Tamil people for the Tamil cause.

The protest ended with speeches from members of the Tamil community. On behalf to the New Zealand Tamil Society, the president, Dr Siva Vasanthan, spoke about the current situation in Vanni and the responsibility of Tamil Diaspora’s to give a voice for the Tamils in Vanni. The New Zealand Tamil Society also collected a petition to give to the New Zealand government on behalf of the Tamil community living in NZ.

Mrs Tharmatha spoke on behalf of the Tamil Women’s Organisation. She spoke about the need for a separate Tamil state under the leadership of our leader, Prabharan. She emphasised that Tamil Eelam is the only solution for Tamil people. She also requested everyone step down on the street and give their voice for the Tamil people back home.


Re: Tamils Voice Concern in Auckland

Fuck you LTTE supporters! This is one of the grizzliest violent organisations in the world. Just look up their record against civilians, and their preaching of racist hate and extreme violence (couched in the language of 'self defence' - but all such movements use this rhetoric)

Indymedia, do you know what you're hosting? You wouldn't host pro KKK media, would you?