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Pro feminist conference.


I think a meeting of pro feminist men from different areas, for the purpose of encouraging pro feminist organisation and action is a good idea.

I suggest that people who are going to attend the anarchist organising conference, and are interested in making this idea of a pro feminist meeting happen, meet on Friday the 17th of April in wellington the day before the conference to discuss how we can go about organising such a meeting/conference/gathering.

Hands up if anyone thinks this is a good idea.

There has been some discussion on the Anarchist, Feminist conference thread (here on indy) about a mens only conference or meeting.

I think this could be potentially great and also potentially disastrous. I have NO desire to attend any kind of gathering of men where the main focus is on men. I would like to be at a gathering of interested people of any gender where the main focus is on pro feminism, what that means and how we can practice it.

An Otautahi anarchist mens group published a zine which held the suggestion of a mens conference, and there has been much talk.

I would love to meet with people who want some kind of gathering to happen, to give the idea some form, find common ground, and discuss the pros and cons of a "Men's meeting"

I think the Friday night before the anarchist organising conference would be a good time for a chat about a pro feminist meeting. We could also use this time to talk about how we might react to the inevitable sexism of men towards women during the conference in the weekend.

So how about it?

Who's interested?

Is this a good idea? If not, what is wrong with it, and how can it be turned into one?

Should the initial get together be a mens only event? And why or why not?

If there is enough support for this idea in the next week or two i can arrange a space for us to meet in Wellington.


Re: Pro feminist conference.

Sounds good to me!

However, I'm not sure what you mean by a focus not being on men. It is up to us as men to be pro feminist, and this goes hand in hand with examining our behaviors as men, how we often act in a patriarchal way, and how patriarchy is perpetuated by our actions, often unknowingly. To me the focus has to be on men to then decide how we as men can aid/live feminist politics.

The Otautahi Mens Hui hasn't met in a while, but I know we were keen to have something of this kind happen. Whether we all can make it to Welly is another matter, but thanks for proposing it!

Jared D

Re: Re: Pro feminist conference.

What I mean by the main focus not being on men is that i don't want to dwell on discussions abaout how hard patriarchy is on men. I would like to discuss how patriarchy is, organised systemic sexism by men against women, what feminism means and how people of gender's other than female can support feminism.

Also i am a bit confused about what it means to say 'as men' (although i have, myself used this phrase in the past) I feel that there is such an innacurate narrow idea of what it mens to be a man that I don't find the phrase that useful.

I think i see where you are coming from though and i don't mean to be pedantic. If men's behavior is the problem then yes there would need to be some focus on men and their behavioral. problems. I said i want to discuss pro feminist ideas and how to put them into action, rather than dwelling on what it means to be a man and talking 'meninism' rather than feminism.

These are some of the things we could talk about at an initial meeting.

I don't imagine ALL the men from te Otautahi group would be coming to wellington for the a conference, however this should not prevent those present in discussing the merits of organiseing a pro feminist gathering. If the Otautahi men would prefer to organise something as a group that would be choice, let us know, I think there would still be merit to meeting the night before the a conference to 'get our shit together' for the conference.

thanks for you interest in and support of this idea Jared.

Re: Pro feminist conference.


Re: Pro feminist conference.

What I mean is that we have to monitor and change our behaviour as men, and look to challenge patriarchy in our own lives. This may include how we are socialised as men, but it shouldn't be understood as the only, or the most important, way to be pro feminist. There is heaps more that we could talk about!

Don't take my comment about not making it up as not to go ahead with it, I think it's great and much needed.


Re: Re: Pro feminist conference.

Once again: Jared D = Whipped. Grow up.

Re: Pro feminist conference.


Re: Pro feminist conference.

I think it could be a good idea. At least a good idea to talk about it on the Friday. I'll be there.

If something is going to happen though I think it might be good to give everyone a bit of breathing space before it does. There are so many conferences and things happening over the next two months I doubt many people will have energy for another right away.


Re: Pro feminist conference.

get back in the kitchen where you belong

Re: Pro feminist conference.

I support the idea of a 'pro fem' national hui at some point, obviously not in the next few months but at some point in the not to distant future. The discussions plus concrete action definately need to start.

Even getting some discussion/hui's going on a regional level would be a good start.

Personally I think there needs to be more focus on regional hui's/activities, especially down south.
Not many of us can afford the time/travel costs to go to the Nth Island all the time.

Also if there are going to be national gatherings for what ever purpose, it's a good idea to schedule them well outside holiday periods when the travel expenses i.e. plane, train, ferry, etc are at there lowest.

Re: Pro feminist conference.

Cool. So there are a few people interested. So i will arrange a space for us to meet. Any suggestions on what time? How about 5:30pm?

I should make it clear i am not suggesting we start organising a gathering rather that we talk about some of the pros and cons of having one, and if we think we should, then working out how to go about organising it. Or if we decide that our energy could be better spent in other forms of organising, what are they and how can we go about it.

I don't want to be 'spare heading' a pro feminist gathering.I want to be a part of a pro feminist movement and am interested in working with others to achieve this aim.


Re: Pro feminist conference.

hmm, i think its a good idea. but there does not have to be a conference, or some sort of collective action to get a pro-feminist (mens) movement going. it is purely up to the individual person to check themselves every single day in day-to-day interactions with men and women, family memebers, friends... everything. i guess a conference or hui would be good for support factors though, and i would be interested in attending.

Re: Pro feminist conference.

I have booked a room at 128 Abel Smith (st in Wellington) for this coming Friday the 17th, from 5:30 until 7:00 pm. If you want to come and discuss the subjects outlined above, then please come along.