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Sports report: Second Annual Anarchist Pirate Raft Race


It was a race of two halves and anarchist pirate raft racing was the winner on the day.

Cooperation was fierce, water and flour bombs flew and opposing rafts boarded, but the winner was never in doubt with the Anarcho-Communists on Holiday Collective speeding ahead of all other competitors and even having time to go and fetch a stray raft that was drifting out to sea before gliding home in a new course record. They will be presented with a bottle of cheap fizzy wine.

The Wildcat Anarchist Collective gave itself awards in the Best Dressed, Most Overturned and Raft Most Resembling Something Thrown Together in a Few Minutes by a Group of Pirates on a Sinking Ship categories.

Around 40 people gathered to watch and participate at Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand in typically splendid sunny Wellington weather for the event last Sunday.

A treasure hunt was held and a large number of small fish of indeterminate political allegiance also attended, attracted by the remains of flour bombs.

The next race will be held on Saturday, January 30th, 2010, at 2pm, venue TBC. Mark your diaries now!


Re: Sports report: Second Annual Anarchist Pirate Raft Race

Shiver me timbers... More photos please!

Pirate Pics