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Tamil Women Organisation of New Zealand’s Interfaith Prayer Session


The Tamil Women Organisation of New Zealand organised an interfaith prayer session on March 14th 2009 in Auckland.

The prayer session was for all those innocent civilians who are trapped by the Sri Lankan government genocide in north and east Sri Lanka and for the self determination of the Tamil people.

Leaders of various religious organisations took part in this event. Hindu priests, Christian priests and Bahai faith leaders reiterated the preaching of their various faiths asking the gathering to keep their faith strong in their time of need. Tamils all over the world have placed their faith in higher powers to look for a solution for their suffering kith and kin. Many such prayers sessions have been organised around the world.

The religious leaders urged for unity at this time as this will be the strength of the Tamil people.
The final event for the evening was the launching of the book by ‘Tamils in Ceylon’ by Dr Muruhar Gunasingham. The book was launched in both Tamil and English.

Members of the New Zealand Tamil Senior Citizens, Mr Mahasivam, released the book. Mr Thevarajan gave an introduction for the book.

A petition was signed by religious leaders asking for New Zealand to ask the United Nations to:

• Intervene immediately stop the war and urge resumption of peaceful negotiations.
• Urge Sri Lankan government to stop blocking food, medicine and other essential items.
• Urge Sri Lankan government to stop indiscriminate bombardments that kills people in 100s every day.
• Urge Sri Lankan government to allow NGOs to serve the people of war torn areas.
• Make sure the access of independent media and independent human rights monitoring in these areas.