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Create Resistance: Call out to artists


Contribute to the struggle for freedom. Artworks wanted for exhibition and auction in support of the 'Urewera 18'.

The October 15th Solidarity crew in Wellington is organising an art exhibition and auction because believe in the power of art as a voice of dissent. Art is a tool for advancing social justice. It is at the core of a revolutionary strategy and is a source of memory and future ways of knowing.

A great injustice occurred in Aotearoa when the state invaded homes and lives with its so-called “terrorist raids” of October 15th 2007.

Those raids have had a great financial toll on those affected. People lost income while they were in jail; the police destroyed property during the raids; those in prison needed money; those outside needed to travel to Auckland. There are large on-going costs to cover legal fees and to travel to Auckland for court.

In an effort to reduce the financial burden, we are soliciting artworks for an art exhibition and auction. This will raise funds that will be used to support those affected by the raids, arrests and on-going court appearances.

We are planning the exhibition (5 days) and auction to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the raids – October 15th 2009.

It is our view that artists not only document social change; they promote, inform and shape it. It is with this view that we offer this invitation to you to participate by contributing a piece of your art work for auction.

If you are willing to contribute a piece of your work, we ask that it draws from any of the following:
-the October 15th raids
-commentary on the ‘war on terrorism’
-kaupapa Maori

We ask all artists to set a reserve price for their work.

Please indicate your interest via email or post, by 1 April 2009. (Your work does not need to be in then). Email: or post: PO Box 9263 Wellington



Why no blacks in Oz imc?

a rhetorical question

Why no blacks in Oz imc?

a rhetorical question

Re: Create Resistance: Call out to artists

Can anyone create a cartoon showing the Presidents dishing out the workers public treasury to the polluters and and war mongers, the very ones that caused the depression to take place and cause of all modern failed states. Perhaps a comic book that re-cycles their lies as to how to keep the economy afloat while they legalize water boarding and criminalizing the environmentalists etc. Something along the Blues brothers with the psycotic cops chasing them around town as they play their music to the peoples. Or something new as the ALF showing the results of the presently inplace concentration camp agriculture and the destruction of the domesticated plants and animals. Or the Poison chemical industry telling their lies as to how you simply aren't modern gardeners, farmers or agriculturalists unless you spray poisons on your food crops along with exessive chemicals that burn the land and largely enter into the web of life. etc. Or is that too much that the truth really hurts so we must be led to their propaganda that smart bombs are our only saving grace. etc. We need ecological art and sooner rather than later.