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U-turn puts water meters off the agenda


Kapiti Coast councillors have abandoned their attempt to put water meters back into the draft Long-Term Community Council Plan as a ‘preferred option’.

At a council workshop two weeks ago, Councillors Ann Chapman and Hilary Wooding put forward a proposal to introduce metering rather than increase water storage capacity. This was a reversal of their anti-meter stance in recent local elections, in which anti-meter candidates were overwhelmingly supported.

The two were backed by Mayor Jenny Rowan who used a casting vote to push the amendment though, although it appears there is no right to a casting vote in the workshop process.

After a strong public reaction, including a number of angry letters published in the local paper, another council workshop this week took the proposal back out of the draft plan.

In the latest bout, Ann Chapman and the mayor abstained from voting. Hilary Wooding continued to vote in favour of meters.