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Greedy rich demand bailout for their crisis


The proposal by business owners and corporate executives to stave off the worst of the economic collapse is a plan for a $1 billion tax-payer funded equity investment fund, to be run commercially in partnership with banks and institutional investors.

Yes, that’s right we will pay for their crisis and the same greedy scum who created the mess who will now be given our money to try to fix it.

It is no wonder that ordinary working people and beneficiaries are being asked to put their money into bailing out these businesses which have tied their success to international trade and speculative investing. Such a move by the government has long been expected by people watching the bailouts of major corporations and banks overseas.

Meanwhile, for those of us on the lowest end of the economic spectrum, cuts to services are imminent, rents and rates continue to rise and the price of food and petrol continue to go up. Things are getting tough, but mostly they will get tough for us as the elite in this country dig in to maintain their wealth and power.

What are the options? No more demands to government but direct action to claim what is rightfully ours – the products of our labour and the products of the land, recognition of tino rangatiratanga and mutual aid for all in our communities.

One solution = revolution


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Re: Greedy rich demand bailout for their crisis

is anti-capitalist action a new group? where are you based, you sound real cool, how can i get involved?

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The economic crisis, i believe, is a great opportunity to reignite a realisation of class consciousness and lift the awareness of workers to a place where they can more fully understand how the oppressive forces of the elite influence their lives. This could be done through community meetings promoted as 'finding solutions that will help us through the economic turmoil ahead'. The meetings themsleves could be run as 'problem solving sessions' where certain questions are posed to groups of participants, with the aim of helping them to realise the dynamics of power flow in this capitalist system. Having the participants build this knowledge from the bottom up would help cement the reality within their hearts and mind, and thus provide a great base upon which unity and mobility can be formed. Reflection followed by action leads to effective change. Anyone else????