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Protest against Keys Jobs summit


Today saw a wide range of people come together to protest against the jobs summit that was being held in South Auckland. It is hard to begin to explain why we were their but as someone that has lived most of my life in South Auckland the sheer insult of 200 mostly white, mostly male rich business owners meeting in the heart of Manukau to decide the fate of the workers around them speaks volumes.

The protest saw around 25 people outside the conference for the duration of John Key's speech on the economy chanting slogans such as "You Say Cut Back - We Say Fight Back" and "Yuppie Scum You're Time Has Come". After John Keys speech the coference attendees streamed out in corporate cabs past protesters chanting slogans. Traffic however was backed up so a very senior officer stepped into traffic and held up all workers on their way home so the bosses could cut in in front of them. This action shows perfectly how the system works and the contempt the conference organisers feel towards the poor. No community organisations or community leaders were invited to the conference and of the over 200 people according to media reports only 35 were womyn.

Whilst the protest was small I think it was an important attempt to politicize the current crisis of capitalism. A funny moment came when NDU head Laila Harre drove past the protesters with a beet red face. Most unions attended the summit and it appears that they are commited to continuing the employer union partnerships advocated by Labour. We have seen the poor and Maori get screwed over by the Labour party, the naievity to believe that one can sit in a conference organised by the national party for big business and get results which benefit workers is unbelievable.




30 Anti-Capitalists cut through horrendous rush hour traffic to slap up a boisterous and humourous picket of John Key’s Job summit today. There were some angry exchanges between the protestors and Rodney Hide, some of NZ’s 200 top CEOs and leading bankers, whilst John Key was spirited away without running the red flagged gauntlet.

The crisis has seen the emergence of a new movement in countries such as Ireland, Iceland and France. New Zealand is not immune from the effects of a Global crisis, and as 70,000 jobs are lost this year, Socialist Aotearoa and other anti-capitalists will be urging confrontation, not co-operation with this 200 strong tiny elite that run this society in the interest of profits, not people.

One of the glaring realities this summit exposed was that his country lacks a combative opposition at the moment- one of the reasons why John Key scores high in media popularity polls. Unfortunately, there are those in the Trade Union bureacucracy and on the Cappuchino Left would rather sneer at those willing to stand up for radical alternative outside the front door of this Capitalist summit than organise a fightback. A boycott of this conference by Union leaders would have sent a clearer signal than what amounted to nothing more than their pacification and incorporation by a hegemonically astute Key. Whilst the now invisible Labour Party leadership licks it wounds and talks of capacity building, workers in Fisher and Paykel, TVNZ and Irwin Industrial Tools face redundancy.

And the redundancies will snowball as the international crisis deepens. Mass unemployment and the drying up of the easy credit safety valve for the working poor who suffer low pay will have a massive polarising effect on class society.

We’ll oppose the cutbacks of Public Services. We’ll be supporting the workers when they strike. We’ll leaflet the factories facing redundancy with information about successful factory occupations in Chicago and Waterford. We’ll be on the Rat Patrol hunting down Rat bosses who use the 90 Day Fire at Will Law against workers.

Now is the time to prepare and build our networks of struggle.

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good on you guys!!!

Re: Protest against Keys Jobs summit

you silly little deluded fanatics. capitalism won't work for you because you don't want to work. say what you like but that is why you will continue to repel ordinary kiwis - get off your arses and out of your mentality of victimhood, hold a job and maybe then you will gain a bit of respect

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The reason why New Zealand's unemployment was (until recently) so low is that the majority of working people who are capable of working do so. However there are many people in new Zealand who cannot get paid employment irrespective of their desire to have a job, in particular people with disabilities and young mothers.

Intolerant bigots like you hate the poor. You are no better than people in the Nazi regime who put everyone they didn't like into concentration camps.

Capitalism is based on the exploitation of working people for profit by The Bosses: it doesn't work.

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some of us refuse to be exploited in a system of repression and punishment. others are organising to change it.

capitalism is murder

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actually it was the Anti Capitalists who were shouting "Get a Real Job" at the 200 assorted bankers, speculators and other capitalist scum in Manukau yesterday.

As for this little rightwing troll whose been displaying his keyboard warrior skills of late, four words-

Get back to Russia

Ha fucking ha.

Re: Protest against Keys Jobs summit

To watch the video of the protest and the aftermath watch these videos