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The small business solution to the economic crisis -an invitation


A invitation to a meeting of minor political parties who are organizing to promote small business as a way of solving unemployment and the economic crisis.

The small business solution to the economic crisis -an invitation

You are invited to attend Thomas Forde’s Political Bar, 122 Anzac Ave., Auckland City at 4.00 pm, Thursday, 5 March 2009.

Our council is organizing a meeting of some minor political parties – interested parties so far (we are hopeful of more) are the Republican Party of New Zealand, the Family Party, the Alliance and the Human Rights Party (unregistered) - and other interested people with a view to promoting small (to medium) business as a way of addressing the current economic crisis (for the background to this see my recently released book which describes a more democratic, ‘bottom-up’ human rights approach which will considerably civilize neo liberalism: “Freedom from our social prisons…”, Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, available in libraries, paperback due out at the end of July).

I managed to make the article below public in Indymedia (and alerted top human rights experts) in many American States before Obama’s stimulus package was finalized.

The predicted high unemployment, and consequently many with little money to spend, is likely to impact considerably on small business and therefore their capacity to stay in business and employ people. Few opportunities means that more New Zealanders are likely to leave for overseas and there is likely to be a larger under class with its attendant social problems – you have probably already seen small businesses closing in your area. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research recently stated that ‘the number of firms intending to reduce staff over the next three months’ is 32%. The UBS economist, Robin Clements, described the results of the survey as ‘terrible, dreadful and disastrous’. On TV3 late night news, on February 25, 2009, the Finance Minister, Bill English, predicted ‘deficits and growing debt for 15 years’.

The promotion of the above mentioned more democratic, ‘bottom-up’ approach to human rights would encourage the government to give emphasis to small business development and employ people (liberal appoach) rather than big business whose continued global expansion is uncertain and their promise of trickle down discredited but worse the relegation of many millions into powerlessness, voicelessness and discrimination (neo liberal approach) – demonstrating that they are even prepared to completely compromise their own liberal principles for the sake of power and wealth.

For more information on this subject see my article on this site, 'The neo liberal elite seize their opportunity to increase unemployment globally' – written for an American audience.

Anthony Ravlich
Human Rights Council Inc. (NZ, Asia-Pacific Region)
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