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Reject Clark for top UN job


“The UN should reject Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand, for the position as head of the UN Development programme. She is responsible for a wide variety of human rights violations and should not be appointed” said Justice NOW! Spokeswoman Sally Darity.

Clark is in New York this week for a job interview with the United Nations.

“Helen Clark’s government has been condemned by several UN offices for violating the human rights of the people of New Zealand. In her time as Prime Minister, she pushed through the 2005 Foreshore and Seabed Act, regarded by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples Professor Stavenhagen as a discriminatory law and a breach of the human rights of Maori which should be repealed.”

“In 2007, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted at the UN General Assembly by a vote of 143 in favour, 4 against, and 11 abstentions. NZ was one of the four states which voted against the adoption of the Declaration - Australia, Canada and the US were the others. Now, even Australia has agreed to pass the UN Declaration, leaving New Zealand sitting with just two other pariah states in not recognising this widely supported declaration.”

“In 2007, Clark authorised the nation-wide ‘terror raids’ in which hundreds of people in the Ruatoki Valley had their human rights violated by armed police. During these raids, the entire community was locked down while people were summarily searched and photographed by police, and children were locked in sheds with no food or care.”

“Further from home, Clark’s government assisted in the bombing of Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, and the invasions of the Solomon Islands and Tonga. Her government has happily supported the military junta in Burma by refusing to acquiesce to a request by the pro-democracy movement there to boycott the country.”

“The UN Secretary-General should take a close look at Helen Clark’s record. Frankly, Helen Clark’s government was responsible for reprehensible violations of human rights, the results of which are still being felt. She should be held accountable for her record of human rights violations, not rewarded with a top job at the UN.”


The Justice NOW! Collective is a Wellington, New Zealand based grassroots campaign focused on education and action in relation to the state terror raids of October 15th 2007. For more information, please email


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Who are the other options? Is she one of the worst applicants or is she the best in comparison? She might not be good but it would suck to have someone worse than her.

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I have to agree. Helen Clark might not be the ideal candidate, but she could be better than the other applicants. Do we know who the others are?

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Kylie Chapmen.

Re: Reject Clark for top UN job

'two other pariah states in not recognising this widely supported declaration.'

So.. It's okay to not go with the pack, right?

'Clark authorised the nation-wide ‘terror raids’ in which hundreds of people in the Ruatoki Valley '

I like the way they're only terror raids to the people who are against the government.

All in all, it's a pretty weak agrument when compared to other governments and what they've done. But hey, it's all good. Give everything back to the native people and kick all the whiteys out of New Zealand, I say!

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In relation to the comments about Clark not being the worse person for the job, perhaps you could consider that the 'Development programme' is aimed at developing nations, e.g. NOT New Zealand. So why not consider someone with some actual experience of living and working in a developing nation? If you believe in the mandate of the UN and its primary founding document, the Declaration of Human Rights, then presumably you would want someone with credentials in actually working to uphold that, rather than undermine it. Viewed cynically, Clark and the Labour party has tried very hard to maintain NZ's reputation as a 'good international citizen' while routinely flouting UN conventions and international law when it doesn't suit their agenda.

With regard to the 'terror raids' comment, certainly the hundreds if not thousands of people out on the streets in the past 18 months in opposition to the raids could not be universally described as 'anti-government' - they are a range of people concerned with the obvious racism of the police in locking down Ruatoki (and not Aro Valley, for example), the growing power of police, and the vast range of search and surveillance powers now available to largely unaccountable agencies such as the police and SIS. Rather than being 'anti-government' as you describe, I would say some these people have a strong desire for genuine freedom and something approaching democracy - a far cry from what is happening here now.

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True but who are the other candidates? Where are they from? What are they about? Should we be saying don't choose Helen or should we be saying all the people you are considering are complete crap?

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Well if you find out and let us know what you think that would be good.

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To Govern a populace, you have to put a certain amount of trust in to the police, the SIS-type ogranaizations, etc, etc. They're not abducting people off the street, they're not burning down houses of people who disagree with them, and since I've never broken the law, I've never had any trouble with them.

It seems almost everyone I meet who has something against the Cops are either people who do indeed break laws, or people who are doing it to try and look 'cool.'

That's something I think people should look at instead. I have a talk with someone who's broken the law many times, and they said 'The cops are always there as soon as you start to live life!' To which I replied 'I don't know about you, but I'm having fun living life right now, and I don't need to break laws to do it.'

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Helen Clark?

that women was on some kind of agenda that did nothing for NZ. I remember the labour minister of the crown who acted as front women for a lesbian toy shop and plastered all over the 6 0clock news. There was far more to Clark and her hidden agenda with the wholesale importation of family smashing garbage direct from the USA. She was the female equivalent of the labour pig farmer who sold us down the river.

Just look at the system that these people introduced, its smashed and its not going to get any better until the system of unbridled capitalism and the criminal usury and the debt that we have all picked up for these banker bastards.

Clark does not need another job, she has much loot stashed from her last job.

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Kia Ora,
Just relesed a social network activism website on the net 2 weeks ago. Join in and Say Your Say (

Re: Reject Clark for top UN job

Hey go fuck yourselves....I hope Helen gets the UN job!!! Go Helen!!

Re: Reject Clark for top UN job

Hey go fuck yourselves....I hope Helen gets the UN job!!! Go Helen!!