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Kiwi Tamils Protest Sri Lanka's Genocide


Tamils from all over New Zealand gathered, at the capital of Wellington, to urge the New Zealand government to join the international chorus condemning the Sri Lankan government for its continued genocide of the Tamil people.

Hundreds of Tamils from Auckland made the overnight journey leaving on Wednesday 18th February to go to Wellington where they joined others from Wellington, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch to demonstrate on Thursday 19th February.

The demonstration started with a march to the Indian High Commission where the leaders of the protest were invited inside to present a petition to a representative of the Indian High Commissioner. The petition asked India, a super power in the region, to "bring about a just and lasting political solution to the ethnic conflict, recognising Tamils right to self-determination".

From there, people marched the British High Commission where again they again asked Britain to continue to "be the ray of hope that the international community is beginning to take a proactive role in resolving the Tamil problem". The High Commission also invited in members of the march to personally present the petition on behalf of the Tamil people living in New Zealand.

The march then continued to the American Embassy where the appeal was to President Obama to bring a lasting solution to the Tamil people that will allow them to live in peace.

Following this, the march headed to the New Zealand Parliament where National Party Member of Parliament Jackie Blue, Green Party MP Keith Locke and Labour Party MPs Grant Robertson and Brendan Burns received the people.

Upon seeing the Tamil community at Parliament's steps, National Party Minister Dr Richard Worth invited members of the march to discuss the Tamil issue in his office.

A petition was presented at Parliament urging the New Zealand to step in immediately and help save Tamils from the continued Sri Lankan genocide.


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thanks Nirupa, this fills in some gaps!
Good pix, I'll try to upload some more but I'm still having problems with my computer.

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Join Activist HQ and say your say (

Valga Tamil!

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Who cares
tamils are cleaners and refugees, srilanka is such a beautiful nation, and these indian fucks are ruining it, go to hell tamils, dirty fucks

Re: Re: Kiwi Tamils Protest Sri Lanka's Genocide

Watch your language you Shit.

Remember how the Tamils screwed all your women back in the days. Thus giving you some intellegence....

If you love the LTTE then leave NZ

The situation in srilanka does not concern new zealanders. it really was laughable to watch hundreds of brown middle class people who eat well, sleep well and reside in new zealand strolling up queen street, pretending as if they really cared about the situation any more than other new zealand residents.

This is the sort of hypocrisy that we have come to expect from these so-called "humanitarian" causes. the "chant" from these "protesters" was barely audible as they strolled past vulcan lane.

Rather than "protest" in a country that has nothing to do with them and their origins, they would be much better to be grateful they managed to get into a safe westernised country where poverty is nowhere near as bad.

also these people would do well to consider the impact that foreigners just like them are having on average new zealanders. In this way perhaps there presence will come to be somewhat respected.

mauritius tamil liberty

india must stop this genocide..... tamil people r the only spiritual person on earth....we are human born with treat them as one....

Re: mauritius tamil liberty

any person who supports a terrorist organisation is a terrorist. majority of Sinhalease and tamils were disadvantaged by the policies of successive governments in SL. Saying the tamils only are disadvantaged is also trying to score political points by the LTTE.

Re: Re: mauritius tamil liberty

Mr Moderate Srilankan,

If you say is correct why don't you get your government to devolve power to Tamil (North & East). If government is honest why don't they share power. Mr Tissa Vitharana has been searching for solution for years just to fool the International community.

Ltte need be there for Tamils to get power.


Re: Re: Re: mauritius tamil liberty

Srilanka is not a secular country only singhalse can get jobs n gov posotions n only they can become prime minister. So wat LTTE fighting for Tamils who are majority north east is right.

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tamil have alwaysbe a winner ,we were around second oldest language,we had evoluate a lot.our spirit are very high.we dnt mix with bad dogs

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Hi i am tamil from india, my tamil are struggling in india. I can tell u onething, sinhalese cannot hold the foot outside srilanka, especially in india. Wait and watch brothers

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cluster bobbs, chemical wepons are used by sri lankan forces against tamils.

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Legacy of British Colonisation in Srilanka
Can you blame the Tamils for this great injustice and the blunder resulted with the whole Tamil population displaced as refugees and further 3000 civilians killed this year alone. Tamils need justice.
In 1799 June, Sir Hugh Cleghorn, the first British Colonial Secretary wrote to the British Government…
Two different nations from a very ancient period have divided between them the possession of the Island. First the Sinhalese, inhabiting the interior of the country in its Southern and Western parts, and secondly the Malabars (Tamils) who possess the Northern and Eastern Districts. These two nations differ entirely in their religion, language and manners
A Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom, Dr. Rachel Joyce, apologised for the error of Colonial Britain in making a unitary Ceylon out of two nations, the Tamils and the Sinhalese, now resulted in blood bath in the north eastern Srilanka. Over 75,000 Tamils died in the past 61 years as a result of the democratisation and the ill fated constitution since the independence in 1948.
Only solution is to go back to the basics and recognize Tamils right to live in their own country and their homeland Tamil Eelam. Only way forward for the good of both communities, Great Britain should show Britishness do the honour to stop the genocide of Tamils.and give peace to Tamils and Singlese people of Srilanka..