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Ditch Tizards' s92A copyright bill


Speak out on s92A

With only 8 days to go until the guilt by accusation copyright law comes into effect, time is running out to stop it. Monday's Cabinet meeting will be crucial. And United Future's Peter Dunne is urging people to speak out against it while there is still time:

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne today called upon New Zealanders to let National’s MPs know in the next 24 hours exactly how strongly they feel about having their internet connections cut because of no-proof-needed internet piracy allegations.
He said Monday’s Cabinet meeting will effectively be the last chance to have Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment Act derailed before it comes into force on February 28.

“Basically, New Zealanders need to really speak up today and let National know exactly how strongly they feel about having this unjust law imposed upon them,” Mr Dunne said.

“They need to email National MPs and blog while they still can, because frankly, given that an unproven accusation of illegal downloading can get you disconnected from February 28, who knows who will be impacted?”

So, get to it. If you're wondering how to email an MP, the format is "". Or you can download the parliamentary contact list here [PDF].
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Re: Ditch Tizards' s92A copyright bill

this is a very good act for creative people. those without any originality will be pissed off though

Re: Ditch Tizards' s92A copyright bill

This is how your freedoms and rights disappear - one stupid law at a time.

Why Tizards' Copyright Bill is Right

as our prime minister says "if you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to worry about." you guys are so willing to think the worst of everything and in terms of "'their' out to get you". this law, if you can think beyond your alarmist tendencies for one minute, is designed to safeguard the rights of artists, musicians and writers throughout new zealand. this is bad news for people who don't respect the true value (monetary included) of art/music literature and so forth. (i.e. those who continually want something for nothing).

Re: Why Tizards' Copyright Bill is Right

Actually, the people who started the Creative Freedom lobby group are all independent creative people - some software developers, some music artists who frequently use the internet for sampling melodies or exchanging data with other musicians, some are graphic artists and designers of print media.
ALL are concerned at the shoddy way this legislation has been put together, and are appalled at the consequences for multi-user sites such as schools, hospitals, libraries, workplaces, etc where one user downloading a defined 'objectionable' item could see the ISP required to shut down internet access for the entire site.

Have YOU read the act?

Re: Ditch Tizards' s92A copyright bill

God, no-one said this was a Tizard dead duck.

The most ineffectual, vacuous member besides,... I was going to say Rodney Hide but shit the competition is tough.

She never was top of the class and this just proves it.

Ditch the Bitch

well tizard is the lizard i'd rather have,
but it's a little girl from epsom we've got,
so before you start bitch'n bout her,
remember curd's better than snot.

Re: Ditch Tizards' s92A copyright bill

It sucks that there is no burden of proof required. Bit of a slippery slope if that is allowed ot happen.