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Tamils march through Wellington, ignored by mainstream media


Tamil actions ignored by media, and government representatives during 2 hour march around Wellington CBD and Parliament.

The combined Tamil communities of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Palmerston North gathered in Wellington today (19th February 2009) to march through town and around to the British and Indian High Commissions, and the American Embassy, before arriving at Parliament to entreat the Government to issue a statement condemning the actions of the Indian Government in their military actions in Northern Sri Lanka against the Tamil peoples.

After waiting patiently while another group of petitioners were addressed on Parliament steps, the crowd stood waving banners and chanting “Free Tamil Eelam”, and “Help Us”. Green Party MP Keith Locke came to address the crowd from the forecourt.

A dvd of footage taken during recent military actions against Tamil communities in northern Sri Lanka was being distributed to interested media, in order to show the kind of warfare occurring, and conditions in which the wounded and dying were being managed.
The hand-held, shaky images, with voiceover by the cameraperson, are powerful and ultimately very disturbing. There are no UN or Red Cross personnel allowed in Tamil-held parts of Sri Lanka, so there are few medical supplies, no adequate water or sterile situations for examining wounded and dying civilians brought to treatment stations.
The footage shows children screaming hysterically at the feet of sheet-wrapped corpses, traumatised by the bombing they have just survived, as much as the violent death of a parent just witnessed.
Children found by a camera operator, sitting in a dirt trench behind a collapsed house, the most minimal bomb shelter you can imagine, crying with fear and traumatised, waiting for older siblings or parents to return. Not leaving, because they have been trained to stay until they are told to come out ...

More information about actions taking place in other countries at the links below.



Re: Tamils march through Wellington, ignored by mainstream media

Also this canadian website;

Re: Tamils march through Wellington, ignored by mainstream media

The situation in srilanka does not concern new zealanders. it really was laughable to watch hundreds of brown middle class people who eat well, sleep well and reside in new zealand strolling up queen street, pretending as if they really cared about the situation any more than other new zealand residents.

This is the sort of hypocrisy that we have come to expect from these so-called "humanitarian" causes. the "chant" from these "protesters" was barely audible as they strolled past vulcan lane.

Rather than "protest" in a country that has nothing to do with them and their origins, they would be much better to be grateful they managed to get into a safe westernised country where poverty is nowhere near as bad.

also these people would do well to consider the impact that foreigners just like them are having on average new zealanders. In this way perhaps there presence will come to be somewhat respected.

Re: Tamils march through Wellington, ignored by mainstream media

In Reply to 'Anonymous'
1.ALL injustice is relevant to EVERYONE.
2.To use your more priveliged position to help people in underpriveliged positions is perfectly reasonable, ever heard of Noam Chomsky?
3."Safe, westernised" is an oxymoron.
4. Please try out being compassionate, for fuck's sake.

The Terrorist Tamils

Hi "Moth",

This from bbc news this morning:
Two planes belonging to Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have attacked the capital Colombo, damaging a government building, officials say.

Both planes were downed, one of them hitting inland revenue offices, killing one person and injuring at least 40 others, officials said.

This is very compassionate isn't it? How can you support this cause with a straight face? I suppose you're also supporting Hamas and their fight to "liberate" Gaza as well their use of children as human shields? How noble (yeah right).

I have nothing against compassion but I cannot stand to see so much hypocrisy by people who don't realise their own shit stinks twice as bad.

Re: Tamils march through Wellington, ignored by mainstream media

I am sorry that I didn't know about your protest action in Wellington on Friday. I would have been there to support the actions of the Tamil Tigers for their liberation, as would many others.

Please post details of future action here if possible. thanks!

In response to the person who posted the details about the Tamil planes, perhaps you should see thet reports of the detention facilities set up for the now displaced thousands as a result of the military occupation. "The Sri Lankan government is "slaughtering" civilians with indiscriminate shelling in its effort to eradicate Tamil Tiger rebels in the island's northeast, Human Rights Watch said Friday."

Re: Tamils march through Wellington, ignored by mainstream media

Targeting and killing civilians is a war crime, so is targeting and killing prisoners of war, and collective punishment, such as 'shock and awe' the bombing to rubble of hundreds of villages, towns, and cities throughout the middle east and Asia because the peoples in those areas have chosen to resist the illegal invasions and occupations of their countries. That anti-fascist covenant is the Geneva Conventions of war (1949) which defines what is war crimes and the right to resist them in the majority countries of the world. If the two armies are doing aggressive war against civilians they are war criminals and they should by law be disarmed and the former troopers put to socially necessary work to make reparations for the damages they have done. Apparently the Sri Lankin Army has been bombing and killing civilians which indeed does make them war criminals. I don't know about the Tamil Tigers so I won't comment but the rules apply to them as well.