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Maori Party Nationals Native Police


During the election in nz last year a lot of activists I talked too we concerned that if the Maori Party went into government with the National party that they would tactically support their draconian law & order agenda. The last few days have proved us right. We have seen :

Boot camps for young 'offenders'

Three strikes laws

Privatisation of Prisons

The Maori party is dressing this up as some sort of Rangatiratanga&economic opportunity is disgusting and makes me sick. We all know that our people already disproportionately fill the prisons; we all know that during hard economic times crime flourishes but don’t worry, stupid red neck laws and politicians & media milking law n order hysteria will keep these prisons full for sure. Gangs & criminals have been demonised so much in Aotearoa, and it’s easy to throw people into prison that society has walked away from.

That corporate Iwi are putting their hand up to make a buck out of the expansion of prison industrial complex in Aotearoa, is kupapatanga gone crazy. Hello managing a contract is NOT Political & Economic independence. Is this the price that grassroots Maori continue to pay as the forgotten rubbish of structural adjustment, to be dealt to & to be kept in line by our own? Pohara whanau haven’t recovered from the extremist economic ‘reforms of the eighties when " an entire generation of New Zealand’s children and youth has suffered under the reforms launched by the Labour government of 1984-90. It concluded that Maori and Pacific children in particular have been “disproportionately affected” by growing inequality and levels of poverty."

Treaty settlements distracted us from our struggle, when our grassroots whanau were going to the wall.

Turia’s tacit support of the prison at Ngawha, undermines and tramples on the fight that the peoples of Ngapuhi engaged in against the prison. That prison was Wira Gardiners pet project, and no doubt will be used as a model to trample on other Maori Sacred sites and communities.

I can’t think of anything more offensive than to be held under lock and key by your own, and maybe on your own whenua. Then being force feed your culture by Maori who wouldn’t even give you the time of day on the outside

Our so called leaders are more interested in making money than the human rights of our most marginalized & vulnerable. What’s next, an intervention in South Auckland? 300 more police is an insult to that community, where is the support from our leaders for Whaea Leanne & her whanau? It seems the support from our community is conditional on you being a ‘good’ Maori, not a pohara urban one. How disconnected from the reality of the vast majority of Maori is that? Look out for future announcements of privatising welfare to pricks like John Tamihere.

"Tamihere used the occasion before the well-heeled audience to call for the privatisation of social welfare. He said that beneficiaries were getting “something for nothing”, and that this was eroding their “self-worth”. “Welfare in New Zealand is delivered in a charitable and benevolent way and that charity and benevolence actually crushes you because it teaches you to put your hand out,” he claimed. Beneficiaries should, he moralised, accept “obligations” in return for “state support”.

According to Tamihere, the Department of Work and Income (Winz) should assess beneficiaries’ entitlements and then pay the money over to private trusts—such as the Waipareira Trust, where he was the CEO before entering parliament. The trust would work out a budget for each beneficiary and pay essentials, including rent, power and basic food items, rather than “handing over the money for them to spend at will”. Only residual money would be transferred into a bank account for “discretionary” spending."

That's so much like the intervention in the NT its not funny.

Its hard not to feel that they are pissing all over tino rangatiratanga for the opportunity to heard & control our people at the bottom of the heap, Malcom X had a good term for that.

As Mathew Russell rightly observes,

"The utter devastation wrought on Maori communities by neo-liberalism is a non-issue, apparently. The Maori Party is quickly and clearly demonstrating the bankruptcy of the colonial state in achieving any real change for Maori, and its commitment to following the same orthodox and fruitless methods of parliamentary reformism that have largely dominated Maori politics for the past 20 years."

Which means, government’s & our leaders don’t give a shit. Continually looking to the government & the Maori establishment for answers & justice is a highway to hell. Our people collectively have the power to determine our own destiny, real lasting Tino Rangatiratanga will only happen and be meaningful, when it comes from below.

Grassroots Maori Communities can in these times have the wherewithal and strength to challenge this latest onslaught of state oppression directed at them. Look out for a cop watching crew in a hood near you. It has come down to that, we have to look after each other and get organizing our communities to bring power back to the people where it belongs.


Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

I'm sorry, that kid who killed the Pizza boy deserves hell. Who purposely strolls the streets looking to hurt someone? Anyone like that needs to be locked away or put down.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Yeah well white people committ crimes too. There is no justification for murder, but you have to put crime into context. Most crime is related to socio-economic conditions. If we get rid of poverty, then we can get rid of crime.

Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Because Rich people don't commit crimes?

And I'm not saying white people don't. I never even implied that. But tbh, I don't have white people trying to jump me all the time.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

As a white NZer, I agree with what you are saying. Our system has failed Maori. Maori are worse off in all the major statictics - unemployment, imprisonment, health, education etc. I'm sick of rednecks who blame the victims for their problems. We need real soultions to these serious issues, not boot camp and more jails.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

One major thing thats wrong with the "justice" system is its single minded focus on private property. So much so that it becomes fathamable that a grown man that stabs and murders a 15 year old boy for tagging his fence, may have acted in a way that was somehow justifiable.

It doesn't take too much brain power to see that if the systems primary focus is the protection of private property then it will always be full of those that have little.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

It is a well known fact that maori and polynesian young people (14-29) are over-represented in crime and prison. It is high time key and national began getting tough on these insecure and insensitive young people by implementing what you call "draconian" laws. Unfortunately this is necessary since we are dealing with the lowest common denomination of humanity.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

what racist bullshit

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

No 12yr old boy killed a pizza delivery guy.
This is what's really wrong with our system. He was 12yrs old & couldn't and didn't kill him.
He was there, played his part sure, but he didn't kill anyone.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

'grown man that stabs and murders a 15 year old.'

Because 15 year old taggers never attack middle aged men who look soft and cuddly! That'd just be crazy!

And about the 12 year old killing a Pizza boy - He WAS there, he DID do his part, and he got conviticed with the rest of them.

I see nothing wrong with that.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Angela Davies: "The Prison Industrial Complex"

Former Black Panther party associate Dr Angela Davies speaking at the Maidment Theatre at Rutherford House in Wellington on 26 June 2007

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

People shouldn't mistake skin colour for political bent. Turia is a Maori but her politics have always been to support the system of the state, white supremacy and capitalism.

All she campaigns for is for Maori to have a slice of that racist oppressive pie.

Sharples seems to lack the ability to see the big picture of what he is complicit in accomplishing alongside Turia, and the one that should know better, the only actual leftest Maori in the tight 3 is Harawira, and fuck knows whats going through his head.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Hone is not a leftist he was on Te Kaea last night in full support of prison privitisation

Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Hes in parliament now, hes learning to be a tow the line lacky.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

LOL Once Woz an Activist

Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

this was Maori Party policy Oct 08

"Maori Party :Decrease imprisonment as priority response to offending. Restorative justice system to bolster community relationships, reduce crime, empower victims, enhance community involvement and restore mana of offenders. Focus on decreasing Maori offending and victimisation. Adopt policies driven by a "Genuine Progress Index" - such as closing rather than opening prisons". What a load of bullshit that turned out to be

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

I think the Maori party is racist.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

na that a cheap shot, all political parties and all politicians are wankers

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police


Q: What's the difference between politics and a bunch of kids fighting in a playground?

A: About three feet.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

"Hone is not a leftist he was on Te Kaea last night in full support of prison privitisation"

He was a hard core leftest, for 30 years. Lets hope he gets over this bullshit soon.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

The Maori Party have betrayed their people in exchange for temporary power. They are kupapa.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Tainui chair Tukoroirangi Morgan says his iwi is keen to join public-private partnerships to build or run prisons, if the government goes down that track.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Hone was never a leftist. He was an activist.
He threw leftists off the bicentenary protest at Waitangi in 1990 for flying red flags. He is Maori first and his activism is now dressed up in parliament.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

it was the sesquicentenary actually, and I remember being there I told the queen of england to farck off LOL.

Why Key is Right

cameron deserved to die. it is people like him - 14-29 - maori/polynesian - that have made new zealand such an inhospitable place to live, not just for white new zealanders - but for the other 80 percent that are law-abiding and don't go around in groups intimidating others (often based on THEIR skin colour) in the name of blue or red. This is why, as much as i detest john key, i think he is correct in implementing a "boot camp" scheme to discipline those young ethnic and native groups that are committing the majority of petty and violent crime in new zealand. The only position the Maori party can justifiably take in this context of petty and violent criminality is to support what you call "draconian" laws (designed to safeguard the majority of new zealand.)

Re: Why Key is Right

the biggest gang that go around intimidating people in Aotearoa

and to suggest that Pihema Cameron deserved to be kill is disgusting

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

That's right sesquicentenary.
But she didnt fuck off. And now the MP wants to have a second chamber in the Queens Parliament.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

and what does your personal problem with Hone have to do with helping grassroots Maori build resistance to these types of oppression?

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Uriohau right on

Kupapatanga is rife

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Anonymous I have a name if your talking to me.
I don't have a personal problem with Hone.
I have a personal problem with all traitors to the working class.

We Need A Revolution

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

The Maori Party seems to be trying to appease its masters more than who it pretends to represent. If they continue to show no resistance to these policies of the white supremacist rich ultra rights then their complicency will condemn them at the next election.

Pita Sharples then should be referred to as the National Party's Minister of Maori Affairs, a bit like Jim Anderton who really was just a Labour Party MP. In fact the whole lot of them should be referred to as members of the National Party because they no longer seek their own autonomy as a stand alone part.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

wow, its really amazing how quickly these kinds of critiques turn into a load of racist b.s. on indymedia. you certainly don't have to scrap to deep below the white nz psyche to find a hatred of maori lurking, whether it be on the left or the right.

can also just say that i am sympathetic to the critique sina raises. i think there are massive issues to be had with the privitsation of prisons. however, and this is just a thought (though i guess the backlash will be great from those on the 'pure' left) i think Maori controlled justice systems could be a far cry from the current racist, white supremacist system that is currently in place. it makes me think of moana jackson's report from the late 1980s (?) where the expression of those demands was made most coherently. this may not be the best way to achieve such ends but it may be better than nothing considering the circumstances. i guess, what i'm wondering is if the devolution that comes with neoliberalism might provide space for other things to happen (of course with new forms of regulation/domination as well). maybe a good example could be Maori TV, but then an example of what happens when it goes bad would be Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

but, like i said, this is probably a bit too experimental for the 'pure' left to handle...its either revolution and the hegemony of the 'left', or nothing...

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Well of the "racist, white supremacist system that is currently in place", if it really is that bad why don't you scarper off to fiji, south africa, bosnia, afghanistan... i'm sure you'll soon realise new zealand is actually one of the most racially tolerant places on earth. i deduce from your statement that you haven't experienced the real poverty and politics which exist very far beyond the safety of nz's borders.

Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

after all the bullshit written about Pihema desrving to die, NZ is as racist a country as anywhere

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Unfortunately I don't see Maori TV as any sort of model, my fear is that Moana's vision will be used by the Maori elite, just like they will co opt an used his report (:Jackson, Moana 'The Maori and the Criminal Justice System: He Whaipaanga Hou - A New Perspective', Part 2', Department of Justice 1988 ) if anyone has a copy scan & share. I don't see how having a Maori version of the criminal justice system will fight the criminalisation of Maori or the conditions of poverty that our grassroots struggle to survive in. My fear is that (a maori justice system) it will be a conveyor belt straight to a Maori Prison run and profited by a maori corporate crown entity.
I would prefer to see more self organising in our community against the crimination of our youth, police harassment and direct opposition from our communities against prisons as a response to a myriad of social problems resulting from our dispossession etc..

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

^^^ you obviously havnt lived anywhere else in the world then ,cos compared to Aussie little old Aotearoa is a mellow tolerant little place ,me thinks some just dont realise how good you have it here

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Thats bullshit, NZ is just as racist as OZ

Three Strikes

It's a real shame that the Maori Party are considering supporting this horrible right-wing creation of national. listen to what the minister of justice says of the proposed policies:

"offenders sentenced to five years or more for a violent or sex offence would not be eligible for parole if they had previously received a sentence of five years or more.

"If they are convicted or murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, they will serve the sentence in full and will not be eligible for parole," he said.

Act's "three strikes" means an automatic life sentence with no parole on conviction for a third serious offence if the offender has previously been sentenced to two five year terms.

It really is a shame that the national and possibly the maori party want to keep pedophiles, rapists and murderers from recommitting their crimes. is pedophilia, rape and murder something you "anarchists" "leftists" and so forth condone is it? well in that case maybe Power and National should seriously look at deporting the lot of you.

Re: Three Strikes

'offenders sentenced to five years or more for a violent or sex offence would not be eligible for parole if they had previously received a sentence of five years or more.'

I agree with this. Because violent and sex offenders shouldn't be let out on the streets after doing what they did to another person.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

eh NZ just as racist as OZ lived there at all ,you aware of their history ,your just full of hate and dont know what your on about

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

atleast he/she isn't a gullible little bleeding heart leftie... sound familiar?

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

is that what i am for saying NZ isnt that racist eh ,that must make you a hatefull,pious,delusional "anarchist"

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

well if you hate new zealand that much why don't you leave?

Prevent Dissent

The only way to prevent another october 15: Arrest ALL maori as well as their white sympathisers - as well as destroy the anti-colonial crap they are teaching at high schools and universities. burn tama iti at the stake live on the 6'oclock news. that way he can be an example of what will happen to agitators. Let's not stop there - let's obliterate every last trace of political correctness that re

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

"The only way to prevent another october 15"

Wow, and I bet you have never been accused before of having a brain.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

People, it is time we had a reality check. New Zealand is far more racially tolerant than MANY other countries I could name. I should know as I have lived and worked in a good number of them.

In NZ 'racism' is an emotive term bandied about all too frequently by both indigenous people and foreign minorities some of whom are too slack to get off their backsides and make good their own lives despite the ground rules being the same for every body. 'Racism' is also an often used term by those who would be completely lost without some sort of pseudo-cause to protest about.

I believe that most New Zealanders ARE racially tolerant. Those who aren't are usually right wing nutters whose views are often influenced and in many cases hardened by the comments and actions of left wing nutters. It becomes a vicious circle.

NZ's government and laws are, for the most-part, far better than many countries (including some western countries I might add). It is not until you have lived overseas that you can fully appreciate what we have here in New Zealand. On balance I would rather live here than any other country on earth. It really is all about perspective.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

When I say white supremacy I am not referring to skin heads with silly capes on...I look out my window and I dont see anything Maori...150 years ago that would have been a different story. The white European ideas of Government, society, culture and economy has engulfed this place...hence...the surpremacy of the white ideal.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Tell you what then, chief. I'll live in my house built by white technology and that sort of thing, and you can live in a thatched hut. We'll see who'll be warmer.

Not attempting to be racist. Just pointing out that maybe the reason why don't see Maori stuff everywhere is because it was pretty failboat compared to what the English peeps brought over. You know, technology and stuff.

Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

"Not attempting to be racist."

Yeah I can see youre not attempting to...

The Crown and the Pakeha of that time chose to gouge out a version of Britain and Scotland into the landscape and culture of this country...long before any of todays technologies existed.

Those ideas of domination continued through the invention of the many technologies you boast to have been white technologies.

But anyways, enough of that horseshit, us brownies problem is that we are not thankful I aim to change that right here right now!

Thank you white fellow for your class oppression, and I really enjoyed getting an old mans back at the age of 23 from working in your working class jobs to keep up that subsistant lifestyle you planned for us so many years ago.

Thank you for the racist police force who also despise poor people with our lack of assets and our social ills.

Thank you for your banking system that holds this country at a strangle hold and keeps the majority of us brownies and poor people renting crappy damp houses.

Thank you for taking away our land, it really needed the exploitation and destruction it currently gets and I love the way you stripped off all those annoying fucken trees and shit.

Thank you for poisoning our rivers and lakes with industrial waste, all that annoying fresh water was just going to waste anyways when it could be used to great affect to water down, and to transport all those chemicals to the sea.

Thank you for filling my lungs with C03 gas and my body with gene destroying dioxins.

Lastly and most importantly thank you for capitalism without which none of the above could take place on such a destructive scale.

Fuck dam white fellow, I feel so much more appreciative of white supremacy now. Please accept my apologise for my previous negative comments. Carry on boss.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Who said you had to be in the working class? Shit, you 'brownies' as you say get lots of government help to 'better' yourselves, so to speak, so take the chance!

And you're right. Because English tech back in the day wasn't better than mud huts and grass skirts. Of course not, my bad there chief!

Can we have our muskets back? Oh wait, because back then you lot weren't trying to kill each other all the time. You were all fluffy bunnies, right?

'Taking away our land' So what, no one traded anything for it? Of course not.

Anyway, if you don't like it, go Bush. Feel free to take one part of what I said and twist it hard though.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Yeah I figured deep down you were a racist, just needed the push to bring it out.

That Damned Document!

awww... poor little maori people getting troddin' on? same old story my friend - you have even changed the soundtrack!
well, maybe you would have a point (i.e. australian aboriginals), except for the minor detail of one Hone Heke's signature on a certain white man's document called Te Tiriti O Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi). Through this document all Maori generations have given their consent (indirectly or directly) to be ruled in a system that can be sustained (i.e. a system where food, technology, and basic rights are provided).

So next time you want to start thanking the white man for "class oppression" because you're having a bad day at work just remember to thank John Key for the tax he's taking because without westernised governments (i.e. white) running a country, democracy (i.e. food, technology, basic rights) is not sustainable.

Oh but i forgot, I'm a racist bigot so therefore i know nothing. well, I've news that you probably don't want to hear - it is a biological fact that as long as you originate from the human race you are racist. but to believe this you would have to disrobe of the heavy protection of political correctness wouldn't you?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Wow, nice defence there. 'You're Racist.'

I tell you what, go get 3/4 of your schooling fee cut because you're Maori and then call me racist.

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

^^^you are a bigoted ,racist fool by the sounds of it

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

Its been sad to see the discussion degenerate into the usual racist crap. People out there interested in monitoring the behavior of police in our communities please send a email to


a modified cop watching package for Aotearoa will be ready for roll out in our communities in a couple of weeks.

Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

That's a good idea. You keep watching them. Next time someone breaks into your house, you may not want to whine about the cops.

Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

nobody is breaking into our whare cause the pit bull would rip their arm of

Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

the last person to break into my house was a cop

Re: Re: Re: Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

LOL Pork gives our kuri tha runs

pigs above tha law

seems that pigs r above the law

Former cops have jail sentences quashed

Wed, 25 Feb 2009
News: National

Two police officers convicted of covering up a colleague's alleged assault of a prisoner won't serve a day in jail, a judge decided yesterday.

Reuben James Harris and Benson Lyle Murphy were sentenced to 15 months jail last August after pleading guilty to conspiring to defeat the course of justice last August.

They tried to protect colleague Constable Clinton Hill, who allegedly assaulted George Tipene Harris in the back of their police car on October 3, 2004. Mr Harris was later found dead.

But in the High Court yesterday Justice Pamela Andrews quashed their prison sentences, instead sentencing them to 10 months home detention, the Dominion Post reported.

Harris and Murphy had immediately appealed their initial sentences and were bailed without going to prison.

Justice Andrews did not give a reason for her decision.

Hill is due to appear in the High Court at Auckland today charged with Mr Harris's manslaughter while a police sergeant has been charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice

Re: pigs above tha law

If you look into the case they were only following orders from their superior. And the fact they came back and said what happened was wrong and they put their own lives on hold to get justice for the victim shows that they shouldn't be the ones in trouble. Clinton Hill and his superior should be the ones going through the ringer not these two

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

why encage humans? Or any other being for that matter? Other than to get rich of course...

The existence of prison is a disgusting violation of human rights and any sort of hope our species has to live in dignified society.

The privatisation of prisons is an extentsion of the above and is an extreme form of capitalist exploitation of those in the worst situations.

For excellent analysis and information on prisons and why they should be abolished check out

Re: Maori Party Nationals Native Police

I tautoko your words.
Don't worry about the racist idiots. They obviously have nothing better to do.
Kia kaha e hoa.