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Call out for Workshops for the upcoming Anarcha-Feminist Hui in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland Easter Weekend


Calling all Anarcha-feminists!


Since the 2008 National Hui (in Christchurch) was so awesome we're doing it again. The Auckland Anarcha-feminist group, more commonly known as M.A.F.(I).A (Militant Anarcha-Fems in Auckland), is organizing the National A-Fem Hui in Swanson, Auckland over Easter, from the 10th-13th April.

We are looking for anyone interested in holding a workshop, skill share, activity, or structured discussion on anything related to anarcha-feminism. Workshops confirmed already are on bike maintenance and massage. Some suggestions include: health; class and racism in Aotearoa; sustainable collectives/working groups; state oppression; a history of anarcha-feminism (in Aotearoa, or elsewhere); tino rangatiratanga; anarcha-feminism and craft/diy/art; feminism and gender; and the state of anarcha-feminism in Aotearoa today, and how we might change this.

The workshops form the foundation for the hui, so if there's something that you particularly want to focus on or see raised at the hui, why not arm yourself with some knowledge and run a workshop, skill share, activity, or structured discussion on that topic? The hui is for us, from us.

If you'd like to run a workshop/skill share/activity/structured discussion, please contact Felicity on felicity.perry(at) with details.

We look forward to hearing from and seeing you all soon,