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Say No to Kwila - Picket Wairau Park - 1pm Saturday


Kia ora,
After three weeks of pickets across Auckland against 4 Seasons continuing to sell Kwila, come along to the final demonstration in this stage of the campaign against Kwila.

For two months protests have targeted the 4 Seasons shops, with no sign that management are closer to ending selling Kwila. We want to send a strong message that the resistance will not go away. That we will try new tactics and go down new avenues of struggle.

Where: 4 Seasons, Link Drive
When: 1pm, Saturday 21 February (Cars leaving from swap-a-cloth @ Cityside Church, 8 Mt. Eden Road, Newton in the city at 12.30pm and returning around 2pm)
Who: Rainforest Action and Indonesian Human Rights Campaign

See you on the streets~!

More info:

· If present rates of logging continue this species of tree will be extinct in the wild in less than 35 years. A mere 17% of the original stands of Kwila still exist and these are under threat from logging. Kwila takes 75 years to grow to maturity and it cannot be grown in sustainable plantations.

· The World Bank has reported 70 to 80 percent of Kwila logging is illegal and the New Zealand Government has estimated up to 80 percent of illegally-sourced wood products sold in New Zealand is Kwila.

· Australia and New Zealand take 60 percent of Papua New Guinea's sawn Kwila. The UN has identified tropical deforestation as the single biggest man-made contributor to greenhouse emissions; responsible for 20 percent of emissions. In Indonesia, an area of forest at least the size of Wales (around 2 million hectares) disappears every year. In Papua New Guinea, because of illegal logging 58 of the 260 known mammal species and 33 of the 720 known bird species are threatened.

· In 2007 the NZ government estimated that illegal logging cost the New Zealand forest industry NZ$266 million a year in lost revenue. Recent redundancies in the forestry sector show how NZ wood producers are being undercut by those who import illegally logged timber including for use in decking and furniture.

· Most Kwila outdoor furniture in Auckland stores comes from the forests of Indonesian controlled province of West Papua, where human rights groups such as Amnesty International have documented the vicious and corrupt military forcing villagers off their lands and torturing and imprisoning those opposed to the logging.



Re: Say No to Kwila - Picket Wairau Park - 1pm Saturday

The only way to prevent another october 15: Arrest ALL maori as well as their white sympathisers - as well as destroy the anti-colonial crap they are teaching at high schools and universities. burn tama iti at the stake live on the 6'oclock news. that way he can be an example of what will happen to agitators. Let's not stop there - let's obliterate every last trace of political correctness that re

Re: Say No to Kwila - Picket Wairau Park - 1pm Saturday

i love how you're using a church as your humanitarian base - no hypocritical contradiction there (lol).