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National EMpowerMENT conference: Auckland


Whilst the fossil fuels industry and government cronies discuss how to make more bucks from exploitative energy sources and greenwash climate change we invite you to come share and discuss a truely sustainable future.

The National EMpowerMent conference is an alternative to this: and an open invitation to come talk and discuss how to build a grassroots movement addressing Climate Justice... and then do it!

Wednesday Feb 24th from 4-7pm at the Rotunda, Albert Park, Auckland.

Food and music...

This has been organised by a random bunch of people, but its fair to say we think these are great causes:



Re: National EMpowerMENT conference: Auckland

Are there any demos planned against the power conference?

Re: National EMpowerMENT conference: Auckland

Don Elder will maybe get the 'pie in the sky' (another pie attempt, this tine in the sky tower convention center). In all seriousness tho, people are welcome to self organise and there will be demos both at the conference and an alternative conference (the empowerment conf).

The Don believes NZ should go back to the days of old Britain and become clogged in coal smog and coal dust.

National has removed the fossil fuel moratorium and is seeking to work with Genesis Energy in getting a gas powerstation built in John 'the ex? climate sceptic' key's electorate. Perhaps coal power stations are next energy project on National's list - Gerry Brownlee sure hopes so.

Details about the demo coming soon. Consider bringing banners, placards and noise makers.

Re: National EMpowerMENT conference: Auckland

its probably the worst place Ever to have a demo, unless you're into demonstrating down a lane with no visable target whatsoever. I suggest if anyone wants to do something about this then either go to the [em]powerment conference with some good proactive ideas and energy for building a real response to the kind of rubbish that'll be happening inside the power conf, or get real creative about doing something else. Tiny disempowering demos make us all look completely stupid.

THE RIGHT DATE I got the date wrong in all my excitement!

Its Wednesday the 25th Feb :)

Re: National EMpowerMENT conference: Auckland

demo against Don Elder (solid energys CEO ) while he talks about coal on tuesday 24th Feb from 11.30am till 12.40pm

Bring banners and noise making gear , we want to drown him out to let him know how we feel about his companys activities.

Meet outside the Sky convention centre on Federal st at 11.15am