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G.E firel trial goes wrong


ERMA has once again showed itself to be a waste of time and not able or willing to enforce the restrictions they place on G.E fiel trials.

Plant and Food research (formerly known as Crop and Food) have allowed a field trail of G.E brassica to flower. photos of a Broccoli have been seen and now it has been revealed that atleast one kale plant has also been allowed to flower (there is no doubt in my mind that it is far more).

It seems that whoever was in the position of being responsible for removing the G.E plants at the stage ERMA rules say they must has chopped the plant at gound level leaving the roots and base of the stem in the ground. Anyone who has seen brassicas growing knows that if you chop them they send shoots out to flower, somewhat of a survival technique to carry the line on into the next generation of plants. How can someone who is messing with the genetic makeup of a plant not be aware of this simple fact? How can someone who is considered to be an expert allow this to happen?

ERMA has show itself to be an incompetent regulatory body, the people incharge of the research have show themselves to be arrogant and unwilling to play by the rules that were put in place most likley by and for them and them alone. The fact that the plants are meant to be kept in certian conditions and not to flower or grow to certian heights is only put into the decision to make people who do not want GMO's more willing to accept the decision, despite the overwhelming numbers against, despite the evidence.

In this case there is no way of knowing that a bee did not visit these flowers, studies have show that G.E has a negative impact on these sensitive and vital creatures. We know that they are responsible for cross pollination of plants and now we know there is a 50/50 chance that G.E pollen may have been transported.

After a series of mistakes both here and internationally in the field of G.E there are ony a few steps that can logically be made

All current field trials must stop and be destroyed, no new field trails can be allowed and the people of Aotearoa nust be allowed to decide on the future themselves.

There is no power like that which comes from control of food production and supply.


Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

This is the biggest own goal by the GE crowd.

They have not followed their own guidelines and have allowed to happen what was expressly designed not to happen.

Preaching to the converted though it may be.
GE is not the solution, plant selection and variety suitible to the local environment is.

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

Plant & Food's GE Brassica Trial Closure Celebrated

Soil & Health and GE Free NZ are celebrating the commitment by Crown Research Institute (CRI) Plant & Food Research to discontinue the genetically engineered (GE) brassica field trial at Lincoln in Canterbury less than 2 years into its 10 year consent, but say the CRI’s GE alliums (onion family) field trial approval must also be revoked.

GE Free NZ President Claire Bleakley and the Soil and Health Association of NZ spokesperson Steffan Browning met with Plant & Food(1) staff yesterday, to discuss the CRI’s internal report of its biosecurity breach(2) at its genetically engineered (GE) brassica trial site. The report recommends that the GE brassica trial should be closed down immediately and a new team of personnel monitor the site over one year for regrowth GE plants.

In December a serious biosecurity breach of a flowering brassica was discovered at the secret GE field trial site by Soil and Health spokesperson Steffan Browning. Initially the breach was dismissed and denied by regulator Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Biosecurity New Zealand (MAF-BNZ) and Plant & Food. However presented with photographic evidence, they were forced to admit the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) controls had not been followed and at least one GE plant had been left to flower, thereby breaching their permit to conduct field trials.

“The report vindicates the very real concerns of more than 900 submitters who opposed the original application with pollen escape a major concern. Plant & Food have acknowledged a likely breach as early as February 2008. This was of an early flower, just as my fellow Soil & Health Co-chair Dr Elvira Dommisse warned was a significant risk in brassica, when she submitted to the ERMA consent hearing,” said Mr Browning.

“This begs the question, just how many GE brassicas flowered in the Lincoln environment throughout the last year? Extensive testing for GE contamination must be carried out in the area.”

“We are very pleased that the trial is to be closed down and that the internal report reflects the seriousness of the breach” said Claire Bleakley.

“The report however shows many discrepancies regarding events leading up to the breach. Excuses of over work and under resourcing of the project manager are cited as a main problem in the break down of the controls. Reported inexperience and bad advice on how plants perform in the field show that there was inadequate expertise on the aspects of plant performance in the field and the trial manager admits she did not properly read the decision or controls that ERMA placed on the trial (3).”

“These are all poor excuses and show that the Plant & Food managers and regulatory agencies did not properly oversee the trial. The whole internal support and team leadership is outrageous and defective, as is the GE technology. The total lack of enforcement and expertise by all people involved has left the trial manager as the scapegoat,” Ms Bleakley said.

“This whole debacle highlights the poor nature of the ERMA and MAF process of setting controls, monitoring and enforcement. The ERMA decision pointed out that the expertise and training of the GE team made any breach “highly improbable,” and approved the experiment with ambiguous and extremely broad controls open to gross exploitation by Plant & Food managers. The inspection agency MAF-BNZ overlooked enforcement protocols and allowed the field trial to continue with verbal assurances of site events rather than visual confirmation.”

“Everyone involved in this trial should be held accountable for the breach and the CRI should loose all its permits to carry out GE trials. This is not an individual staff fault but shows that the systemic arrogant laissez-faire attitude is rife all the way to the top. This culture treats anyone who raises concerns about GE technology with derision and this must stop immediately.”

“We hope that the ERMA and MAF reports due out later in the week will treat the breach by MAF-BNZ staff and the CRI as seriously as Plant & Food have done in their internal report and follow through with the appropriate HSNO Act penalties,” said Ms Bleakley.

"GE field trials have no place in the economic survival of New Zealand farmers and growers, and with just one other GE trial approval currently consented for (GE onion family plants yet to be planted), and the flawed Agresearch GE cattle trial on hold, now is a prime opportunity to stop all GE field trials,” said Mr Browning.

"The stopping of these dangerous risks to New Zealand's biosecurity helps maintain and build the clean green image that is more and more important for the sales of New Zealand produce.”

“Producers and consumers share the desire for an economy based on the clean green environment that New Zealand’s discerning markets are looking to. Plant & Food’s research needs to focus on natural breeding techniques and extend its expertise into valuable organic research.”

Soil & Health is committed to GE free food and environment and aspires to an Organic 2020.

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

This is terrible. Just rubbing it in the wounds of the majority, who mostly have to sit back not knowing what is going on while invisible GE sites carry on, monitored by a wing of the government, who allowed these sites to go ahead in the first place and who we can never trust.

Argh the frustration. Let it burn, and may the health, vitality, diversity of the soil return.

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

So with the tree experiment in Rotorua terminated last year, the brassicas gone now and the onions on hold this means no active (legal) field trials exist in Aotearoa at the moment. That's really good news.

Of course there still are hundreds of indoor and outdoor (cows in Ruakura) lab experiments that are happening, which shouldn't be ignored.

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

yip ,vivisection campaigning in this country needs to continue ,world lab animal week is coming up

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

actually there are a few crops out side, go down south and they a4e still doing there thing!

Also does anyone know if they have consent for the animal trials?

lincoln has the same stuff going on with cows as they do at Ruakura!

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

if you people had the faintest idea how dangerous these GE animals are, you'd be breaking out firearms and taking the choice of labratting the public away from your corporate puppet gov't.

it is way worse than the nation wide legacy of cancer Dow left NZ with ( highest cancer rates on earth). shoot helen clark 1st,, then the other animals.

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

helen clark aint no animal, but I am...

what a situation though, but hey not to many of us pulled the crops so i guess even less would put a stop to the animal trials

Re: G.E firel trial goes wrong

helen clark makes george bush look like a chior boy,, she deserves to be doused in petrol & set alight. shes responsible for a Maori Genocide and on a personal level too. then there is 700 people in 185-7 with Hep C??