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Conference on Anarchist Organising


The Wildcat Anarchist Collective will be hosting a conference on anarchist organisation in Wellington in April.

We are planning a two-day event with the first day focusing on the essentials of anarchist principles and practice: Anarchist principles and their consequences for organising; how collectives work and why anarchists work collectively; meetings, facilitation and communication; mutual aid and organising within and against capitalism. On the second day we will continue discussions and do some more practical stuff.

We are looking at a venue in Newtown on the weekend of the 18th/19th of April.


Wildcat Anarchist Collective


Re: Conference on Anarchist Organising

Apologies - I forgot to say you can contact Wildcat at

Re: Conference on Anarchist Organising

Sounds interesting, I look forward to it :)

Will there be space for non-Wildcat people to run workshops/discussions as well?

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choice, looking forward to it if we can make it. good on you fulla's.

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Is there going to be anything other than anarchism-101 workshops that get rehashed at every anarchist conference?

Anything on concrete issues facing the working class, like the 90-day law or a response to the upcoming employment summit? Perhaps a little on how anarchists can support the tino rangatiratanga movement? Or at the very least, something on engaging with local communities?

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People who want to run workshops should get in touch at the address above.

As we said, the focus is on organising, but that doesn't mean we won't look at particular issues. We do think there's been a lot of individualism and other anti-organisational thinking creeping into the anarchist movement in recent years, which has hindered anarchist campaigning and other work, hence the focus on collectives, organising methods etc.


Sam Buchanan

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Kia ora Sam,

Some of us may not be able or willing to run these workshops, due to our work or family commitments.

However, my comment was not an idle criticism. One of the problems facing our movement is a kind of parochial attitude. There is a regular re-iteration of anarchist organising principles and numerous workshops on collectives, facilitation, group dynamics and so on at these conferences - and I have attended a few. There is relatively little discussion on class or how anarchists can be involved in working class struggle. In a time of sharpened class struggle this is an essential question to be discussed. Our outlook for organising should be directed beyond our own protest movement and to the wider communities.

Revolutionary love,

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Fair enough. I don't think there has been such a focus on organising at conferences - it certainly doesn't show in actual practice. Many anarchist projects are very informal and too many use organising practices that participants would be highly critical of if they were operating elsewhere.



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Hey there,
I'm an activist who just recently arrived from the states to study at Massey. Would there be any room in your conference to touch on the relation of the case of the RNC 8 (Twin Cities, Minnesota)and anarchist organizing in New Zealand? Please contact me at and maybe we could talk about it more?