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Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour


In recognition of the first World Day for the Abolition of Meat we took a handful of interested and concerned people to an Auckland pig farm and attempted to go to a broiler farm near by.

The pig farm we visited only had the fattening pens; these are where young piglets are kept until they are about five months old when they are sent to slaughter. The pens were dark and damp and every surface was covered in pig excrement; as were the piglets themselves. Naturally pigs are very clean and would have a dunging area separate to where they sleep, eat and play. In these pens this is impossible for the young pigs.

Many of the pigs had very large growths on their underbellies; one nearly as large as a soccer ball.

Many of the pens also had a runt. It is common for one pig to be smaller than the rest but in this case the smallest pigs looked emaciated. Their backbones and their ribs were all sticking out and their faces were not nearly as full as the rest of the pigs.

We also noticed at least one piglet who had a broken leg and could not get up.

Piglets are very inquisitive animals and it is said that they have the intelligence of a three year old human child. Being confined to pens like this with nothing to do all day is very stressful for these pigs. When we approached them they were very interested in who we were and came to sniff us and nibble on our fingers. They were desperate for stimulation.

Following our visit to this farm we went to a broiler farm down the road. The farmer's dog was barking but we nearly got to the shed door before the farmer came out. So close but so far. Being that we could not get into the sheds now we went up to the farmer and asked if we could look in his sheds because we were interested. He was never going to say yes but it was worth a shot and was a much better look than just running away. We then tried to talk to him about what he was doing. He was not very receptive and did not want to share anything about the industry he was involved in. We tried to talk to him about why his industry was so secretive but he said we had to ring Tegel if we wanted to talk about that. Then, in a very ‘civilized' manner, he escorted us of his property. It was not really very spectacular or eventful at all.

It was the first time that we have seen (or been seen) by a farmer while undertaking a Farm Tour but it was always going to happen at some point. During our workshops before the tour we always discuss that fact that this could happen and understandably this possibility makes some people a bit apprehensive so while we did not get to see inside the broiler farm on this visit it was good for people to meet a farmer and see what it was like to be caught on a farm. After this experience the people on the Tour will have more confidence for next time.

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Re: Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour

those poor pigs ,they are sensitive ,intelligent excellent iniative from a pro active group that i have a lot of respect for

Re: Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour

Choice. Much respect.

I still think however that trying to 'abolish meat' is a bit like getting pigs to fly. How about 'abolish intensive animal farming'? I'm yet to see a viable way for sustainable vegan diets in Aotearoa.

Re: Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour

what do you mean sustainable veganism? being a vegan is easy and sustainable as opposed to the meat /dairy industry

Re: Re: Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour


Re: Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour

I love bacon. I will never stop eating it.

You people are fundamentalists, extremists, absolutists.

Eating meat is a natural thing to do, as is not eating meat.

Re: Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour

eating meat is a natural thing to do,thats debatele,and all the processed fatty meats contribute to heart disease and type 2 diabetes ,when i go shopping i see overweight pale ppl with trolleys overflowing with such said rubbish and dairy,what makes these ppl extremist .. just because they have compassion and choose a healthy ,caring diet are just a ignorant ,mean individual

Abolition of Meat Day Farm Tour a joke!

Taking a tour and not following it up with direct action is a copout. NOW WHAT! Looks like the ALA are only SAFE copycats and into empire building.