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APEC meeting in Wellington


This week in Wellington, 150 business leaders from the Asia-Pacific region will meet for the first quarterly meeting of the 'Apec Business Advisory Council (Abac)

The ABAC meets quarterly and provides formal advice to Apec leaders on economic strategy at the annual leaders summit (This year in Singapore).

Each Apec economy has three members appointed to Abac, John Key being one.

According to USNZ propagandist Stephen Jacobi advises "The Abac meeting comes also a month before negotiations get under way in Singapore for an expanded Trans-Pacific agreement that could deliver the long sought-after FTA with the US"

Yes, the rich-kids play pen will be working hard to decide our fates, pushing their neo-liberal, free-trade agendas from here in Wellington.

If anybody has any information as to where this meeting is taking place, it may be useful to post it here and some people could get the chance to have a few words to these Abac members, to remind them that they do not speak for us, they do not represent us, we do not want them and we will resist and will never obey.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (

APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting (ABAC)
Date: 9-12 February
Venue: Wellington, New Zealand

Contact: Jennifer Wilton, APEC Unit, Asia Division, +64 4 439 8482

The first 2009 ABAC meeting will be co-hosted by ABAC New Zealand, and the Asia New Zealand Foundation in Wellington. ABAC brings together three senior business executives from each of APEC's 21 members. The Council meets four times a year to develop its report and recommendations on trade and investment liberalisation, which it submits to APEC Leaders at their annual Summit.



Aotearoa Says NO to APEC

Re: APEC meeting in Wellington

Oleg Deripaska alone is worth approx US$28.6 billion, which is roughly NZ$54 billion. NZs total exports in '08 were about NZ$50bn

Re: APEC meeting in Wellington

Phill Goff et al can fack off.