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The Freedom Shop is moving!


Alas, the Freedom Shop has recently moved out of Shop 204b, Left bank, Cuba Mall, Wellington. The shop is New Zealand's longest running anarchist bookshop, having been set up in 1995.

But it isn't the end for the Freedom Shop. The collective that runs the shop is currently deciding on a new location, but in the meantime we will be selling our wares at festivals and events around Wellington, including: Waitangi Day 6 Feb at Waitangi Park, the Island Bay Festival at Shorland Park on 15 Feb, and the Newtown Festival on March 8. So come along and check us out! We might be seen at some other events too.

For the last few years, the Freedom Shop has shared a space with the Oblong Infoshop/internet cafe in the center of Wellington. The Oblong collective decided to disband and basically the Freedom Shop could not afford to keep the place going, so we are pulling out too.

So this is a big hearty thank you to all the people who have supported us over the years, the numberless anarchist hordes that have been part of the collective and kept the shop going by doing shifts, attending meetings and volunteering to do work, and finally to the generous people of the Oblong collective for letting us share their space.

If you are looking for a particular book to buy, wanting to sell your zines, patches etc through the shop, or just have a question - please contact us.

The Freedom Shop collective can be reached at:
Our myspace page is at:


Re: The Freedom Shop is moving!

F shop postal address: PO Box 9263, Te Aro, Wellington.

Re: The Freedom Shop is moving!

I've got to take my hat off the the Freedom Shop crew for keeping things running for so long.


Re: The Freedom Shop is moving!

It's great to see the Freedom Shop will keep on trucking. The loss of Oblong is a shame. I see it as a casualty of the state's Oct15 attacks, and the energy the ongoing court cases have drained from many people who give voluntary hours to such projects.