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Photos from political match of century


Today saw the political match of the year as socialists took on anarchists in a football game in Auckland. In a 90 minute game both sides took every oppurtunity to score political points taking cheap shots where nessecary and using strength and numbers to overwhelm the opposition. A wide range of strategies and tactics were tried by both sides but in the end the socialist held their position and through great defence and striking offence managed to win.

The game saw around 30 people take to the field with another 10 - 15 supporters watching from the side lines. This is sure to be the first of many political footy matches so stay tuned.

There is already talk of an amatuer league made up of different protest groups and national tournaments. As there are quite a few conferences coming up over the next few months possibilities for national games should be ample.

Anyhow here are some pics.