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Halatau Naitoko Shooting


The police need to be made answerable and accountable.

My deepest condelences go to the family of Halatau Naitoko. I believe the police made severe error of judgement. Yet once again the police public relations machine and media go into damage mode emphasising that the police were protecting the public. The truth is,an innocent member of the public was shot.

From aerial photos published by the media, it is very clear that the police should have moved all civilian vehicles out of the way first before embarking on any attempt to disarm the offender. That should have been the main
and standard priority.

There were sufficient police personnel present to remove these civilians from the scene immediately, and to disarm and arrest the

Instead, the white Subaru occupied by the young couple, followed by the courier van occupied by Hatatu Naitoko, remained sitting targets.

The police need to be held answerable with regard to this matter. If a member of the public sought to do the same, they would be charged with manslaughter.

This culture of being above the law and at the same time, upholding it, is very wrong. Protecting errant police personnel must end.


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Also there was speculation on tv that this tragedy might have been the result of a ricochet.
Then a bit later this German firearms expert comes on tv and explains that the bullets used were hollow nose spread on impact rounds. Not very likely to provide a convenient ricochet . Plus he said that the NZ police, unlike the German police are trained to shoot for the torso, which, with hollow nose rounds, is pretty much a death sentence if you hit the target.
The NZ police are the armed forces of the capitalist class and it is vital to the establishment that the cops right to shoot and get away with it is protected. Hence the orchestrated pr snow job every time the cops kill someone. Paul Chase, Steven Wallace, and now Halatau Naitoko, who was not even a suspect. Deep seated social changes are needed.

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""""Plus he said that the NZ police, unlike the German police are trained to shoot for the torso, """

kiwi pigs are murderers plain & simple, what I have witnessed in the last 10 years makes me wonder how on earth these clown could call someone else a criminal,, we need a civil war is what we need.

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I can see how that would decrease the murder rate.

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Yes, I agree too.

Removing all known civilians from the direct line of fire in any active crime scene is
standard procedure. That was not observed here.

The family of Halatau Naitoko can use this evidence as the basis to pursue a massive law suit against the NZ police.

I am a Auckland based senior barrister.

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I too agree with the author. Removing civilians from an active crime scene would seem the most appropriate course of action.

Failure to do so, and indeed the resulting fatal killing of one of those civilians, supports the basis to proceed with legal action against the NZ police force. There is no doubt about that at all.

The current police investigation into the matter, should reveal that fatal error in safety procedures. The police defence and public statement following the outcome of the investaigation will include the following terms;

1)Urgency to isolate and disarm the offender
2)Protect the public safety

They categorically failed on both accounts, so if they present these findings following the investigation. And furthermore, if they fail to take action against the officer involved, and formally apologise and compensate the family of Halatau Naitoko, then we have a seriously corrupt and unjust justice and police departments.

I will be following the case closely. Thank you Hira for bringing this critical aspect to our notice.

Robert Malcolm
Oriental Bay

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Paradise won does not have police as there is no criminal class for everyone works productively.

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Hellooooo....anyone there in the last posted comment of this very important topic.

In order to bring you on to the same page. The police MURDERED and innocent person. There was no productive working going on here.

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i agree with hira
if this was a member of public automatic actions and charges would have been laid by now instead of this stalling around of investigation by the police. obvious they shot the bullet what charges have been made???as of yet none but the suspension of the cops involved. i understand that they are our police force abd they protect us but in this case they committed a crime. clear evidence will be gatherd and although they may get away with it with halatau people will fight for this and ensure it wont happen again. another point a member of the public was being chased by the police and shooting at them as well, effectively the person is due to appear in court with multible charges..where's the fairness in that..

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Related issue:

Cops are blind to the "mob" and act out of fear. Whom they fear the most they will act against the most. Recall some of the anti-PI statements from O'Connor?

I found this quote hard to workout and prob has a thesis in it.

Talking about neo-nazi-skinhead-boy-racers the top cop in Christchurch has this gem (although it is from The Press and could be a total missrepresentation of what was said).
"The same phenomenon was witnessed during the 1981 Springboks rugby tour demonstrations."
A neo-nazi element infiltrating Christchurch's boy racers is attracted to the anonymity of large groups because its members are "cowards", police say.

Investigations into the boy-racer anti-police movement FTP (F... the Police) after last Friday night's attack on a lone Christchurch police officer have led to a subset of Christchurch racers who espouse radical racist views thinly veiled as "white pride".

FTP websites displayed anti-police rhetoric, with pictures of police cars being hit by trains and crashed police cars.

The FTP symbol, a skull with a Stormtrooper helmet, can be seen on many boy-racer cars.

One member of the FTP Bebo group, a woman listed as living in Linwood, professed to be "happiest when partying, cruising, watching drifting and drag racing".

She was also part of a "white alliance, Christian, Odinist, National Socialist, Skinhead, Defender, Confederate" group.

Her Bebo site was festooned with Nazi iconography, and pictures of her friends showed young men and women with shaven heads giving Nazi salutes.

Her profile led to a group page called Oi Sexy Boys and Girls. Oi is a skinhead salute.

That site had planned a meeting of the "Skins of Christchurch in December" and would be "organising an event soon for the chch skins after 4&rotarys" a car show that has become a red-letter day on the boy-racer calendar.

Last year a massive influx of boy racers saw Harper Ave taken over by hoons who poured diesel on the road and performed burnouts.


The Christchurch police southern area commander, Inspector Malcolm Johnston, said skinheads were not a large group but their infiltration of boy racers was indicative of the criminal element that was promoting violence in the culture.

"They're simply cowards. At the end of the day, they're geeky, skinny persons who wouldn't ever front up to someone face to face," he said.

Johnston said skinheads liked the anonymity of large groups of boy racers.

"They love it when there's 200 to 300 of them and only three or four police."

The same phenomenon was witnessed during the 1981 Springboks rugby tour demonstrations.

Gangs and criminals were attracted to the demonstrations as a way to attack police in safety, he said.

FTP rhetoric was "similar to comments I've read on the walls of public toilets, so we're not particularly interested in monitoring them", he said.

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The cop who shot Halatau was a pacific island cop. He attended the funeral. The shooting has nothing to do with race.

Re: Re: Re: Halatau Naitoko Shooting

Dear Anonymous,
Tell us all the sourse of your information, or are you to scared to let us the public into your back ground the only way you could have even the slightest knowledge if is you are a A O S member yourself, this I do not believe, after all no cowards there just killers and murderers given open licence shoot anyone or anything, by the news not to proscecute in Halatau's shooting.

Re: Halatau Naitoko Shooting

Further to my last,

Gun City is based in Christchurch. Gun City are the biggest mover of firearms in NZ.

Gun Citys owner/director is into boyracer cars and was convicted in Sep08 of tvling at 168km/h and was stopped by roadspike. He was convicted in the USA and did time for illeagal arms trading. His son conducted an illeagal firing demonstration and shot a passing car on Marshlands Rd Christchurch. An employee was convicted of poaching kaimoana. Gun City sponsors "Drifting" and has appeared (most menacingly) on "Outdoors with Geoff" where they used military rifles to shoot Wallabys.
The Gun City owner/director is a "self-styled" Christian (this opens the door a bit).

We have documented crimes associated with firearms and driving for which prison sentences have been served and restrictions placed the directors activities as he has been judged an unfit person to work as he priviously has.
Along side police being shot at in Christchurch and the NF goons playing with paintballs.

No new laws required but if the cops are keeping an eye on anyone - Gun City and the NF would be worth their dollars rather than a bunch of snail lovers, surely.


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This shooting is above that of racism. It is a fatal error of judgement on the part of police. Leading to fatal consequences.

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yeh bro. your rite!!!!! the offender was a white skined male. and halatau was a brown male. huz da wite gone shoot!!!!!

Re: Halatau Naitoko Shooting

On Campbell live's programme the night before, there was a clear sighting of the text;'white power rules' as the article on boy racers was screened.

The whole thing is a nationalist propaganda by government agencies and the media.

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big deal another low wage worker dies... plenty more... get over it!

Re: Re: Halatau Naitoko Shooting

Eat your words scumbag !

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Hu ever sed he was a low wage worker man if you had the guts to say it to his family. Thats very sad to hear something like that well you probably have a stink life with family your probably not close with and you aint gna get far in life with attitude like that. Grow up and be a man you probably dont have a girlfriend i wonder Y???

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i dont knw what al da fuss is abowt wit da last 2 commentz, dis s abowt halatau kianamanu naitoko, no doupt abowt it, it was a cop hu shot him and he had da nerve 2 show up 2 da funeral..i swear if i saw him dea and i knew he was dea i would ov shot him ma self, hala was ma bestfwend i was da closes gurl m8 he EVA had part 4rm his sista nd hs wife stefanie dena cook..i hate da fact dat im haten on copz i use 2 dink dae were good people helpn da comunity saving lives bt afta dae shot ma brada, took him wawy 4rm us:( il neva EVA like a cop EVA,nd its not fea if da cop hu shot him dont go 2 jail,dat cop is lucky 2 b our hala???hes gone nd hel neva come bak..if i had 2 ask dat cop a question itl b Y OUR HALA Y???
anybodyelse bt him??he had alot 2 live 4,bt he tok him away 4rm us....

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Is there a website that can act like a protest partition for this family. I would like to add my outrage at the injustice in this case. Secondly, I have great concern that the Police can be judge and jury to their own. This decision is clearly wrong and a cover up. It should not be let lie, the offending cop should be bought to justice just like anyone else would be. Surely the family should have the right to take it to a higher authority????