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Indigenous Rights and Diversity


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‘While the principle of declaration of indigenous rights recognises the right of all peoples to be different, it contributes to the diversity and richness of cultures and civilisations that constitutes the common heritage of humankind’.
It reaffirms that any policies or practises which asserts privileges and advantages on the basis of national origin, racial or religious are false. And at the same time, indigenous rights should be free from discrimination.

The relationship between indigenous peoples and the state recognises historical injustices and the need to promote rights in terms of education and health, and to development in accordance with their tradition and interest needs. All things pertaining indigenous are written and covered within the principles of the declaration of rights.

How then are indigenous peoples perceived within the social, political, and economic representation of democracy? The Declaration indigenous rights address injustices and restores traditional cultures and their fundamental basis to the land and wellbeing. At the same time, the principle guards against any possible violation of itself.

For example, Mano is not an indigenous woman who has claimed a human right to have equal treatments including equal pay among her fellow workers. But her claim is secondary to an indigenous woman who has not only claimed her indigenous right to be first, but also under the women’s human rights in general. Now the Prime Minister has announced a package for the indigenous men who are likely to be made redundant because of the current state of the economy. And at the same time, all those who are not indigenous or happened to be in the rich package are discriminated on the basis of their national origin, or ethnicity.

The principle of the declaration is written in such a way to accommodate possible violations through time. It is up to the peoples of a nation to point this out and to prevent conflicts based on ethnic grounds. This has already raised tensions in the Middle East where some tribes are deprived from resources because they are not indigenous to the land. There claim follows competing rights to partnership by birth or by nomadic status, or some other basic right to the area.

There is no problem with addressing historical injustices and to promote a people to independency and self determination. It is also a contribution to the civil and cultural organisation of diverse societies. But this social organisation will only be attached by polarised ties regulated by the state if rights that are equal give way to privileges. Remember, indigenous rights must not discriminate on the basis of national origin or race, it merits its own effect invalid and non scientific.

So, the problem we are facing in the current state of the economy is not a historical factor in terms of colonisation, but a problem everyone including non indigenous persons or both males and females are suffering from. A package designed to address the needs of indigenous peoples now because of the current state of the economy violates not only the indigenous declaration, but also all other general rights on the basis of national origin and ethnicity. It is a landmine, you make one slight move away from the base and you are blown into racist grounds.

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Ah, sorry but exactly what is your point here? I can't make much sense of this sorry. Care to sumarise?

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It sounds like western imperialism, I mean western marxism... ahhem.

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True, what is your point?