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Feb 28: Join the Rat Patrol


On Saturday February 28th come out on the streets to show Auckland that the Rat Patrol will be on hand to deal with unfair dismissals.

Put on a vest and jump on the bus as we tour Auckland malls, markets and high streets to show that with direct action protest and solidarity between workers we will resist the 90 day no rights bill.



Re: Feb 28: Join the Rat Patrol

Wish I was there... Kia Kaha!
Remember that dismissals are still subject to 13 weeks stand down with WINZ: which means that if the boss sacks you with prejudice it could be over three months (ie 90 days) before you can get any assistance from the government.

Re: Feb 28: Join the Rat Patrol

Don't forget the February 27 Jobs Summit in Auckland:

The Government and the Business Round Table's next attack on workers. The rumour is that Key and the Bosses will want to cut the minimum wage!