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Protest This Saturday Against Foie Gras


This saturday we will be holding a protest against the sale of Foie Gras at Sabato.

Sabato have been contacted with information about the cruel practices inherent in Foie Gras but have responded aggressively saying they will continue selling Foie Gras.

The protest on saturday will be aimed at encouraging Sabato to take the compassionate option and stop selling Foie Gras as well as pushing the wider animal rights message.

Please come along and speak up for those who cannot defend themselves.

When: Midday saturday 24th

Where: Meeting outside 57 Normanby rd Mt Eden

Foie gras is the diseased and fattened liver of ducks and geese, who have been intentionally force feed vast amounts of grain to deliberately cause their liver to swell to ten times their natural size. The ducks or geese are typically kept in large windowless sheds and suffer extreme pain during and after the force feeding process. After just a few weeks of force feeding the birds are in constant agony, unable to breathe properly and suffering from constant diarrhea. The birds are then slaughtered cruelly soon before they would die from sickness and disease.

Video showing how Foie Gras is produced:

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Re: Protest This Saturday Against Foie Gras

cool! have a good day and stand firm for the animals!