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Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions


January 2009

Kia Ora Artists

History demonstrates that art has often been the underpinning of social change.

We at October 15th Solidarity believe in the power of art as a voice of dissent, therefore we are organising an art exhibition and auction. Art is a tool for advancing social justice. It is at the core of a revolutionary strategy and is a source of memory and future ways of knowing.

We acknowledge that a great injustice occurred in Aotearoa when the state invaded homes and lives with its so-called “terrorist raids” of October 15th 2007.

We recognise that those raids have had a great financial toll on those affected. People lost income while they were in jail; the police destroyed property during the raids; those in prison needed money; those outside needed to travel to Auckland. There are large on-going costs to cover legal fees and to travel to Auckland for court.

In an effort to reduce the financial burden, we are soliciting artworks for an art exhibition and auction. This will raise funds that will be used to support those affected by the raids, arrests and on-going court appearances.

We are planning the exhibition (5 days) and auction to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the raids – October 15th 2009.

It is our view that artists not only document social change; they promote, inform and shape it. It is with this view that we offer this invitation to you to participate by contributing a piece of your art work for auction.

If you are willing to contribute a piece of your work, we ask that it draws from any of the following:

-the October 15th raids
-commentary on the ‘war on terrorism’
-kaupapa Māori

We ask all artists to set a reserve price for their work.

Please indicate your interest via email or post, by 1 April 2009. (Your work does not need to be in then).

Contact: Rachel Fabish
October 15th Solidarity
P O Box 9263
Te Aro, Wellington

For more information on the raids, including their historical and
political context, please see or Indymedia:
or read ‘Terror in Our Midst,’ edited by Danny Keenan.

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr, “the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” The injustice of the “terrorist raids” has not only affected those raided, it has affected us all.

No reira,
He mihi nui ki a koe

October 15th Solidarity:



Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

Can you please explain what you mean by art please?

Re: Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

smart artist!

Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

Is there an answer to my question please?

"Can you please explain what you mean by art please?"

A simple question it seems but one you don't seem to want to answer.

Look forward to a good answer. Love to all.

Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

Ok so i guess from the no answers after days of waiting means you don't have a clue.

If you want to call for "ART" perhaps you should at least follow that up when asked.

Sadly this group thinks they know everything about the activist community but even if this is true, which is clear they dont,they know nothing about art.

So it leaves us wondering what is your aims arehere? To control the imformation around the terror raids like you own it all? Sadly this I beleive is so.

Art is life and life us art. So can not everything be art? But I guess there is only silence from this group.

Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

Anonymous 1 and 3 and 4 You seem to be talking yourself around in circles. I don't think the organisers are going to be too picky about what u submit, you should just do something anyway if you want to! Sounds like its pretty open.

Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

"Sounds like its pretty open."

Perhaps you could point out where it is open and what they consider art?

Seems to me we are reading different things. It is a simple question.

"Can you please explain what you mean by art please?"

Nothing complicated at all.

The real problem is the organisors don't know. And if they don't know why are they doing it?

Re: Artists Wanted - Call Out for Submissions

Hi there 'anonymous 1,3,4&6',
I'm part of the group at the moment, although not this art auction sub-group, but I think I can answer your question.
As far as I'm aware we have no definition of what 'art' is since that should be up to the artist.
We put contact information in our call-out above so contact us there please.